Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment

Instant Age Rewind Eraser is a new product from Maybelline that is meant to target Under-Eye circles. It has gimmicky packaging that includes a puffy top that the concealer comes out of to give you a diffused application without using your fingers or any other brushes. Check out my review and how the product looked on my skin!


maybellineagerewindTo get the product out, you twist the red top until product comes out (you’ll hear it click) it took a LOT of clicks to get the product to first come out, I think I must have twisted the cap around a full circle at least 10 times. I was really afraid the product was going to sneak up on me and go EVERYWHERE, but it didn’t thankfully!

maybellineagerewindThe shade I got is 02 Light.

maybellineagerewindUnder-eyes with no makeup or creams

maybellineagerewindAge Rewind applied


This concealer is great for dark circles! I like the packaging, the little puffy ball at the top makes it easy to diffuse the concealer so that it blends into the skin easier. I am worried that in time that little applicator will get gross, but conceptually it’s neat. The puffy ball fits perfectly right under your eyes; it isn’t too big or too small, and is nice and soft to give a perfect blended-out look. I think this would be a great purse product, as you can easily touch up in the bathroom without getting your hands dirty or needing an extra brush.

Available for $8-9 at drugstores.

Have you used this? Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know!



  1. Ida says

    I was actually skeptic about this product at first. I thought it would be another of those cheap brands that wouldn’t work and just lie in my makeup bag until it went bad.
    But I trust your review and it sounds like it a good product :) I’m running out of concealer anyway, so this might be a good next-buy :)

  2. Amy says

    This might sound weird but! I’m so happy that you use 02 Light xD cuz I’m fairer than you and that means I might finally be able to find a good drugstore undereye concealer that matches my skin. Thanks for reviewing this!

  3. stephanie says

    awesome! I’ve seen other people use this but haven’t seen a good, unbiased review. I have really hard circles to cover, so I will definitely check this out. thanks!

    1. Oda says

      I have the same problem, my under eye circles are difficult to cover. You should try out the Makeup Store concealer called “Cover All”. It is creamy and easy to apply, and it cover everything =D.

    2. Elle says

      I’ve been using Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. It’s at Ulta literally the only concealer I’ve tried that works (and I’ve sat there trying everything at the store too.) They use it in a ton of movies and tv shows as well apparently. I was hoping this Age Rewind would be a cheap alternate that’s at multiple stores but from reviews it sounds like it breaks or the hygiene concerns…

  4. Amber says

    Whoa, this looks amazing! I always have circles, even in the inner corner of my eyes in the hollow of the bridge of my nose, and this looks like a neat product with a good applicator. I have a very old Neutrogena concealer in a sort of similar package, although the brush is just a fuzzy tube cut at an angle, like when you chop carrots. The initial twisting was exactly the same, twist forever, begin to wonder if product will ever come out, angle away from face incase it explodes, and then like magic, a small bead comes out and it’s perfect. I liked the concealer that I had for covering spots on my face, the applicator made it SO easy to apply and blend/diffuse the edges so it wasn’t obvious where my concealer was.

    I’m definitely going to add this to my list of products to pick up! Although I kind of want to know, if you had to pick ONE under-eye concealer that is a good product and best value for how much you spend, what would it be? I like the low pricepoint on this, but how do you rate it versus other higher-end products?

  5. Jessica says

    This is a great product! I’ve been using for a couple months and it hasn’t let me down yet! The puffy ball does get pretty absorbed with the concealer after using for a while but doesn’t effect the application of the product. I use the lightest shade and have the illuminating shade as well. I was so happy to find a drugstore concealer that worked really well, since I have fine lines and pretty dark circles. I also love that it doesn’t settle in my fine lines like most do!

  6. Lovisa says

    I have used it and loved it, not for my super dark cirkles, but for my blemishes. But it broke! The clicky mechanism broke so now I don’t know what to do, it’s almost full… But it works wonders on concealing blemishes :) not very hygenic though.

    1. Liz says

      Depending on how long you’ve had it, if you still have the receipt you may be able to return or exchange it for a new one. If not, have you tried contacting Maybelline directly about this? If their customer service is any good they should offer to send you a replacement. You may have to send them the broke one first. OR you could buy another one (from somewhere that has a good return policy), wait a week and then bring back the broken one and get your money back.

    2. Alex says

      The mechanism was broken from before I opened it. But I took the sponge off and poked it with a paper clip. It fixed it, but now i can’t get the sponge back on.

  7. dar says

    I love the product but hate the packaging. I have it in the brightening-pinkish color and the twist up part got stuck or clogged and stopped working. In trying to fix it, the product leaked out into the top. It was such a mess. For the price, I should have just thrown it away and bought a new one, but I managed to depot what I could. More than likely I will re-purchase but I hope they improve the package and/or that mine was just a dud.

    1. Cindy says

      How did you depot yours?? I’m having that issue with mine >.<

  8. Candi says

    I use this daily. :) It’s amazing. Maybelline has some really great products and really great prices. <3

  9. Amber J says

    My sister told me to try this!! I went to her cuz I was noticing my dark circles. She said she heard good things about it. I was worried too about the grossness, but it seems really great though. I love how it covers very well, and is light! I don’t notice it under my eyes. And I feel it helps my eyeliner/eye shadow stay in place too.

  10. Melody says

    Hmmm. I kinda want to try this but I have concerns about hygiene too. I mean I suppose I could apply with a separate brush but…that defeats the purpose. I doubt it’s light enough for me anyway ::sadface::. I’ll keep an eye out at the drugstore though. Great review!

  11. Shana Jones says

    I really love this product! I dont have dark circles but it just smooths skin under my eyes and helps brighten. I use it everyday and recomed it for sure!

  12. Jacquie says

    I heard from tiffanyd about this product and I had to try it! I love my eve pearl salmon concealor but for some reason I have been reaching for this product more often! I love it, doesn’t crease in the fine lines and just gives me that “awake” look! LOVEEE :) And did I mention how affordable it is?

  13. Kim Teague says

    I watched a video on youtube by makeupbytiffanyd and have thought about trying it, but I’ve not picked it up yet.

  14. daisyv316 says

    I use the brightner almost everyday and I really like it! I will go back for the actual concealer =)

  15. Stephanie says

    you can pull the little puffy ball off and wash it, takes a while to get it back on. But wish we had that here in NZ. Ive only seen the foundation :(

  16. Karen says

    Hi Leesha ! Could u advise whats the best under eye concealer that doesn’t settle into fine lines? And why do under eye area look ashy after concealing ?

  17. Inge says

    I had the same problem at first; that the product didn’t came out. I thought it was broken or something but I turned that red thing like A LOT and then a little bit of product came out just enough to cover up dark circles. Its a nice product, the foundation to, its realy light weight. I showed it to my mom who hates foundation, she doesn’t like the feeling of it. But she likes this one!!!!

  18. Joëlle says

    I bought this because TiffanyD loves it, but my dark circles are too dark and this product does absolutely nothing for me. I can’t find a way to hide my dark circles at all, because I’m really pale (just like you, Leesha, or maybe a little bit more even) and every concealer just makes under my eyes look grey, even if I apply a salmon colored one first, I can never get the color to be as pale as my skin. Oh well. I just wear my glasses and pretend they don’t exist.

  19. Autumn says

    I have this product. I like it, but I think it’s too light for me. I just dab it on my under eye area then blend it out with a brush. It’s just how it works for me. :)

  20. Rachael says

    I got the brightner… and I LOVE IT!!! I have been using it for a few weeks and it works so great. For $8.00 it is so worth every penny. I have some serious dark circles and this is the best drug store concealer I have found yet. When I am going out at night or on the weekend I use my go to Laura Mercier also… just for extra coverage… just because I know that I will be taking pictures… but on an average day for work and class this is perfect!!!

  21. Kelly says

    The difference is amazing I have SUPER dark corcle issues just one question how many swipes of the product did u do to get that GREAT finish!!! And also do u have any other not to spendy under eye products that work that great thnx!!!!

    1. Stephanie says

      Sonia Kashuk has an inexpensive concealer palette at Target called Hidden Agenda, I believe. They sell it online for approx. $4.

  22. JulieP says

    Great product…I too, heard about it from tiffanyd…have the fd, concealer and brightener…use all of them…yes the packaging can get nasty and requires cleaning, but other than that, works well and is cheap! Gotta love that!

  23. morrigan says

    Agreed with other comments.. I have about five of these now, thanks to the breaking clicker thing. >.< I love the product though, so I may just depot all of them o.O

  24. Mindy says

    I love this concealer. It doesn’t fully conceal my dark circles but I have yet to find one that does so it’s not a big deal. I’ve had mine for a couple of months and no issues with the clicker thingy. I think for the price it’s worth a try.

  25. Becky says

    Any suggestions for how to pick a proper shade for something like this? I have olive skin and I always see concealers and whatnot that are awfully pink…and I don’t want to grab something to find out it’s the wrong shade (since places can’t resell the opened makeup). I know nicer stores will do color matching and samples, but what if you’re just grabbing something like this from walmart? Any suggestions? Cuz I’d really love to get this for under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose (my nose looks permanently bruised from a car accident I was in a few years ago)…

  26. Elli says

    I love this product! <3 It's easy to apply with the puffy ball and it works great on dark circle and it smooths my undereye skin. I use it everyday. It works well also on blemishes.

  27. Ashley T. says

    i use this product everyday and so does my mom. i love this product. it works great. :)

  28. Ekm says

    Ive had this for 2 months and sponge isn’t gross. Very pleased.

  29. jennie says

    i love this concealer but hate it at the same time. the day i bought it it took me for ever to get the damn product out. i kept turning it and nothing came out. so i had to find a way to crack it open to get it out. going to try and get an other one and hope it works better next time.

  30. Sara says

    TRUE STORY: So I work as a cosmetician and some guy (about my age so 18-21 I’d say) comes in in a panic. I ask him what’s the matter and he says “you need to cover this or my parents will kill me!!!” And then he takes of his scarf and his neck is COVERED in hickeys! Hahah! Anyways he needed a less expensive but still pigmented option and this stuff totally covered it! I would recommend it.

  31. Tina says

    I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and it’s the one concealer that works the best for me! Everything else, liquid or cream, just doesn’t do the job. Especially creamy stick eyeliners just cling to the dry skin under my eyes and makes it even worse. So yeah, thumbs up for this! Me likes. :D

  32. Valerie39 says


  33. marcy says

    dang, finally got it open……had it for a month. thanks for the info about turning & turning & turning till it comes out. I was ready to throw it away.

  34. Caitlind says

    Can someone please let me know how to depot it!? I have 2 just sitting here that have been “used up” but their is still so much product let.

  35. Natasha says

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  36. A says

    I used this product I wanted to know that when I use this in shade light my skin looks like it’s getting cracked like my makeup greased type helllllppppp!!!

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