Maybelline 24 Hour Eye Tattoos

Last month, I posted about this new product on the market that was really awesome, in the shade Edgy Emerald. After trying out that one and a few others, I knew I had to search through quite a few drugstores to complete my collection! After reading comments from all of you, I’ve been told not to get the purple shade (and haven’t!) because it’s the least awesome. Here are the rest of the shades I picked up, this is a super picture-heavy post! :)



Audacious Asphalt: Dark Gray shade with silver reflects. It looks almost a bit green in photos, but in person its a cool toned gray, although much lighter than what I associate the word “asphalt” with. This was probably the worst shade as far as smoothness with color payoff goes. It’s streaky, but if applied slowly and patted on instead of brushed on, i think it could work well as a very light smokey eye, or even better as a base for black. There are better options out there, though.






Bad to the Bronze: Gorgeous, shimmery golden bronze. Blends out and applies smoothly and is an instant eye-opener. This shade would be great for virtually any skin tone on days when you literally have 2 seconds to get out the door. Swipe on, blend out the edges, add mascara, and done!






Pomegranate Punk Muted Cranberry shade. This is an interesting one, as you don’t really see reds for the eyes come about much in drugstore lines (unless I’m missing out on something?) The shade is much lighter and sheerer than you would be lead to believe from the pot, but still an interesting, unique shade.




Tough As Taupe: Your run-of-the-mill, light taupe shade. I think the name of this one is funny, as this color doesn’t seem tough at all! :) It’s more satin than the rest, so verrrry easy to wear for almost anyone, and super work friendly. I can see this one being really popular.


Bold Gold: Leesha likey! Bright, beautiful shimmering gold. Smooth and opaque. If you’re not afraid to shine, check out this color. I think this would look awesome with a bright teal liner!



Tenacious Teal: Don’t you just want to swim in this shade?! It looks amazing in the pot. Unfortunately for me, it’s quite a bit sheerer when swatched. I imagine this is on purpose, as I don’t see many people who aren’t makeup enthusiasts running to put bright blue eyeshadow on. The shade is a bright green hued teal with lots of shimmer and isn’t overpowering on the lids. Love!



Fierce & Tangy: I love this shade. Bright, beautiful orange. It reminds me of the clementines in my fridge, the ones with the little mascot thats all smiley!


Fierce & Tangy is the only other satin shade (along with Tough as Taupe) and I think it works better that way. This shade is definitely a little out there, but I really love the fun vibe it brings.



Too Cool: White with a super shimmery reflects. This shade is sooo icy! I don’t love it on it’s own, but I think it’d work out nicely as an eyeshadow base. It’s probably the frostiest color (appropriately named too!) This shade, like Audacious Asphalt, is a bit trickier to get a smooth application with, but not too hard with a bit of effort.


These lasted on me until I took them off (16 hours later) with no eyeshadow primer underneath. They won’t crease and stay vibrant for hours and hours, just don’t use too much product (you don’t need to!) I really like these and totally recommend checking them out, especially if you like products like MAC Paint Pots, these are a much cheaper option!

Available for $6-8 at drugstores.


  1. Calla says

    I loved the purple one! I think you should pick it up, it’s my favorite out of them all :)
    I think i’ll get the orange one next..or bronze.

  2. Elle says

    I bought the white, teal, purple and bronze. The purple isn’t TERRIBLE, but I love the other colours much more. The teal is my hands down favourite. I’ve been really impressed with these so far.

  3. Pretty Gossip says

    I did a 24 hour challenge with these shadows on my blog and the results are amazing!
    I love Too Cool.

  4. somayea says

    I have bad to the bronze after several people raving about it. I wanted it so it would be something easy for a school look. I think its because of my skintone (I have a tan skintone) but it looks nothing like bronze. For me it looks like a big blob of sparkles. -_- I love the staying power and how it is easy to remove off but it just doesn’t work. :( I may pick up too good and tough as taupe next :) I wish they came out with more base colors, like the MAC paint pots in bare study. Hope they will soon.

    Thanks Leesha for the post! :D

  5. Ida says

    Agree a bit. The purple isn’t my favorite but the teal and white are gorgeous! I use the white as base and I use the teal together with a matching eyeshadow in teal blue. I like the lasting time these colors give so that’s awesome.

  6. Rachel says

    I own Tough as Taupe, Too Cool, and Tenacious Teal.

    I’ve used all of them a couple of times since getting them, and I agree! They’re wonderful stand in’s for MAC’s Paint Pots.

    I really like using Tough as Taupe as a cloudy, milky base for smokey eyes, as well as to mute out some of my more vibrant colors (such as my Sugarpill shades). It will take Buttercupcake and turn it into a dusky yellow. Kinda a cool effect.

    I love using Tenacious Teal on the ball of my lip when using darker hues, like purples, blacks, and even darker orange toned browns. It’s an awesome pop color, and totally unexpected!

    Too cool seems to work well for me as highlight. It’s longevity has really made my need for touch ups go down!

  7. Kristabelle says

    I love Pomegranate Punk for a non-traditional smoky eye with Satin Taupe and UD darkhorse.

  8. indie says

    I had fallout issues with the gold shade. I loved the way it looked on the lid … just not so much how it looked on my cheeks.

  9. Safyre says

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like Audacious Asphalt, it’s one of my favorites :/ Lol.

  10. Bianca says

    Pomegranate Punk looks like a darker purple when I use it (idk why there is such a difference). I love it because it makes my green eyes pop a little– and if applied right, it reminds me of Buffy’s makeup in season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :)

    1. Christina says

      I love Pom Punk, too – I get the same effect! :)

  11. Karen says

    I really need to try these colors. I am in dire need of an eyeshadow make over!!

  12. Ashlyn says

    I have the gold and purple, and the purple isn’t terrible, but it’s kinda like the Asphalt color, you just need to work with it a bit more.

  13. Amber says

    Oh man, I want like 6 of the colours here. I want to wear the blue and orange together because um hi contrasting opposite colour wheel colours!

  14. Jessica says

    Use “Milk” underneath the purple and teal and they are super bright! I wore the blue one today. :)

  15. Claire says

    I absolutely love the Maybelline Color Tattoos! I have Tough as Toupe, Pomegranate Punk, and Too Cool. They last so long without creasing or fading :)

  16. Melody says

    Can you believe that orange? It’s not for me, but it excites me to see such a wild color in a drugstore line. I’m loving how great the drugstore is now. Heck I might try out the orange just for kicks, and I still have to get the taupe.

    1. Leesha says

      Isn’t it awesome?! It’s so unexpected!

  17. andrea says

    i bought the white one and i like it as an inner corner highlight :) im thinking about picking up tough as taupe and bad to the bronze next! really wished the purple one was more pigmented, purple is one of my favourite eyeshadow colours to use. sucks cause these cost $10.49 plus tax in canada -_-

    1. V says

      I live in Canada as well, but I got mine for $6.96 each at walmart. Hope that helps
      I got the emerald and gold, I want to get some of the more casual tones next like Taupe :) They look awesome, thanks for the swatches Leesha

  18. Jessica says

    I feel silly after reading that you didn’t think a bunch of people would be running out to throw bright blue eyeshadow on…when that’s exactly what I did this weekend after buying the tenacious teal haha. I topped it with Urban Decay’s “Haight” & paired it with Revlon “Tutti Frutti” lip butter.

    1. Leesha says

      No no haha I mean people who aren’t really makeup enthusiasts tend to be a bit afraid of blue, so I can understand why they made it on the sheerer side :) Haight is a beauuuutiful color so I bet that looked awesome!

    2. Angie says

      I love tenacious teal! I have edgy emerald too and it’s amazing! I also paired tenacious teal with UD’s haight and the combo is yowza to your face! These different color options, away from the neutrals, has really inspired me to be more adventurous with makeup!

  19. Gabby Sachetta says

    I bought almost all of these 24 hour eye shadows and I love them!!! Even the purple one it applys just like the orange one does, it’s a matte finish instead of the shimmer. But actually the best look I have done with these is take the bold gold all over the lid and then the edgy emerald in the crease and too cool as a highlight these three together make an awesome bright look and stay on forever! I hope to see a video from you using these soon :))$

  20. Kristen says

    Yeah!! When I saw your review of the Emerald one I almost tripped on my self running out the store to go pick them up- I got the white, orange, teal, bronze and my favorite- GOLD!!! I have a goldilux from sugarpill that I put on top and its ridiculous how awesome it looks- paired with Mac Aqualine liquidlast liner- MY FAVE!!! Thanks a million for your review!

  21. Becky C. says

    I love the all the colors!!! I only need the Bold Gold and Pomegranate Punk in order to have all ten. I don’t really apply these with my fingers I apply them with a brush and then blend the edges with my fingers. The colors seem to be way smoother and vivid then I see here on your swatches. I love the purple as a base for eye shadows! I loved it paired with a lilac color over it! Your review is making me me want Bold Gold even more!!! Thanks!!! <3

  22. Emi at Project Swatch says

    I have and love tough as taupe and bold gold – next up is definitely fierce & tangy – LOVE that orange!

  23. Phyrra says

    I have Bold Gold and the teal. Your swatches make me think that I need the orange ;)

  24. Danielle says

    you can get these at ulta too which means coupon!

    1. Kristen says

      And they are on for buy 2 get 1 free!! Three for $10!

  25. Arlene Dowden says

    Thank you for the swatches! I was in ULTA the other day and couldn’t decide on what colors to get. I will follow your recommendations.

  26. anythiiinggoes says

    Love the shades Bad to the Bronze and Tough As Taupe. Hope they’ll be available here in country, soon! i’ve read somewhere that they’re the drugstore version of Mac’s paint pots. Is that true?

  27. katy j. says

    Tough as taupe is my favorite. I have actually been using it to fill in my brows too! Obviously not the perfect color for everyone but its working for me, and it lasts all day! Today I am wearing it as a base with MAC’s Club over it. Love it!

  28. Joanna says

    Want a cute Signature Name Graphic? Just pass my page around and get 5 people to LIKE my page and 5 people to FOLLOW my blog and I’ll make you one of these with any name you want. Let me know the names of the 5 people who like/follow my page && blog. :) ♥

  29. Hana says

    I have Bad to the Bronze, and while I love the shade, I have definitely experienced creasing with it, whether or not I apply it a thick layer, thin layer, or put powder over it. I’m sure a primer underneath would help, but I’m really low-key with my day-to-day eye makeup.

    1. Brianna says

      I have super oily eyelids so I need to use an eyeshadow primer under everything, I still crease sometimes even if I use primer on regular eyeshadow, however when using primer with these I don’t have a problem with creasing at all!

  30. Brianna says

    I bought every single shade and the gold is by far my favorite.

    I like the purple and am actually wearing it today. I don’t have a problem with it.

    The only complaint I have is that I have a hard time applying them with my fingers and have to use a brush. It could be just me.

    I agree they are amazing!

  31. Maya Walton (@BbyVcs) says

    The white works surprisingly well as a base color especially if you’re going to use pastel over it! I think so far I’ve only used most of them as a base but the orange actually makes fun lip/cheek color as crazy as that sounds :)

  32. Stephanie says

    Tenacious Teal is amazing as an eyeliner! I’m not a fan of cream eyeshadows, but I love using these as unique-colored eyeliners! Stays on all day and way cheaper than shelling out a bunch of money for decent eyeliner pencils.

  33. Joci says

    I wonder if there are differences from batch to batch. Sometimes I feel that especially with new drugstore products, the first round of products aren’t necessarily consistent. I have three different shades which are all different in consistency, but my friend who also has the taupe one got a much more pastey and thick product while mine was much smoother and creamier. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. LOVE these though

  34. Seana says

    Hmm I haven’t tried these yet but from what I can tell, Pomegranate Punk looks kind of similar to Idyllic Paint Pot from MAC!

  35. Ludmilla Rocha says

    I liked all the colors.
    I watched your latest video “The Hunger Games Series: District 9.” What is the name and the color of the illuminator duo?

  36. wick3tgirl says

    oooh, I need these badly since my days now consist of 9-5 work, 5-9 school 4 days a week. tnx for the post and all the info. will get tough as taupe (so predictable, hehe)

  37. Nikki says

    I have Bad to the Bronze and Too Cool. Haven’t used Too Cool much, but, like you said, the Bad to the Bronze is so easy! Just use a little bit and go. I also like to put it under UD’s Midnight Cowboy (my favorite!).

  38. twopinkcheeks says

    When are they ever bringing this product into Malaysia! Can’t wait to get my hands on it..Looks awesome!!

  39. Kristina says

    I love Tough as Toupe with the Naked 2 colors, perfect compliment.

  40. Angela says

    Tough as Taupe is my favorite, but hell, you girls are lucky. Here (in France), for one of these 24 Hour Eye Tattoos, it costs around 14$… And we don’t have the same shades as you can find in the United States ;( ! Speaking about the taupe, the one we have it’s darker, I think. And we don’t have the orange and the red ones.

    Would love to buy that taupe… :(

  41. Amy says

    I have 5 of these fierce & tangy , painted purple, edgy emerald, tenacious teal and too cool. i got fierce & tangy to go with my Sugarpill burning heart pallet as a base its perfect under the orange color and lasts forever till i take it off. painted purple works well for this too but your have to work FAST it drys really quickly. i use edgy emerald on my lid, tenacious teal in the corner and crease, too cool in the inner corner and brow bone as a highlight for school. so all i have to do it mascara and a little black eye liner. i don’t have to worry about it all day dose not crease melt off or rub off the every once in a while i forget i am wearing makeup and rub my eyes. GREAT stuff

  42. atomicapple says

    I have bad to the bronze! I love it, but I have to use it with a primer. I don’t know what everyone has been raving about as far as creasing- I have hooded lids, and this creases like CRAZY. Not so much with a primer, but it’s definitely not a replacement for base.

  43. London says

    Leesha, if you have all of them but the purple, you KNOW you have to pick that one up too! LOL. I have all the colors except “Bad to the Bronze” and “Audacious Asphalt”, and its driving me nuts that my collection is not complete! hehe. I have “Painted Purple”, and its actually very pretty. It just takes a couple coats to become opaque, but its a great base to make your bright purple shadows pop! :) I love it.

  44. Simone says

    I’m so broke, haha, so all I have is Painted Purple. I love it though! Mine’s really smooth and creamy. It does take two coats to get it nice and opaque, but I really love the shade. It makes my eyes look extra super green. I have a sudden need for Edgy Emerald, Tenacious Teal, Fierce and Tangy, and Bold Gold. These and UD’s eyeliner in El Dorado are my makeup lusts.

  45. Anela:) says

    I wore fierce and tangy to the hunger games premier. the shade is awesome cause my school colors are orange and black:)

  46. Manouk says

    I saw them today in a german drugstore. I live in the netherlands and I haven’t found these here yet. It takes ma about an hour to get to a drugstore in germany. They were I guess 7,50 euro’s what I thought was still a little expensive because I couldn’t choose what colour I wantend So I didnt buy any. I actually regret it after seeing these swatches again :(

  47. SydneyMarie15 says

    I wore the teal color out on my lids with black in the crease (as a cut crease) and I got so many complements on it!!!

  48. Agnieszka Pelczar says

    Hmm i wonder if the Pomegranate Punk is the same color in all countries, we just got them in Australia and mine looks more plum colored then cranberry, a darker not so orange-y color i guess?

  49. Candice says

    best review on this product!

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