Mattify Shimmery Eyeshadows with Naked Cosmetics Matte Shadow Base

This product was one of the cooler things I got at IMATS LA, but it wasn’t until IMATS Vancouver that I realized how neat it actually was! This is an eyeshadow base that will actually matte out shimmer, specifically in pigments. I have never seen anything quite like this before, as the majority of shadow bases either work to just enhance the shadow or to add shimmer, not take it away.



When I first got this, I was using it like I normally use shadow bases- Applying it on a naked eyelid, then putting the shadow on top. I noticed that this really didn’t matte the colors as much as I hoped.. it really barely took away shimmer! When I went to IMATS Vancouver, I asked if I was using it wrong, and was told that the more product you use, the better, and it works best if it’s actually mixed with the pigment.


This makes a MUCH more dramatic difference with shimmer! The colors instantly become much more matte- not entirely, but more of a satin.

Something to keep in mind- quite a few collections from Naked Cosmetics have Calcium Crystals in them, which are the super sparkly glitter particles you can see in the purple shade I used to demo. These cannot be matted out, so when mixed with this base the color isn’t as matte as it is with shades that don’t have those particles, like the orange above.

This base is available for $14.99 from Naked Cosmetics.



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  1. Inge says

    I think this product is verry handy when you like a colour but you don’t have is wwithout a lot of shimer.
    love it

  2. MsDaly28 says

    Thats so awsome i always find really cool eye shadows and well their shimmery so it looks kinda weird on me. ;)

  3. Rachel says

    I spot a kitty scratch on your swatch hand! Haha!

  4. Soo says

    this is so cool! totally want to try it out myself

  5. Jolene says

    Wow, so this makes waterproof eye makeup too – that’s awesome! I found the this while I was trying to find the reviews of eye shadows from a company called Mattify Cosmetics, but this is a different company than that. I bought an eye shadow from Mattify and don’t really want anything to make it less sparkly (i happen to love sparkles!) but it’s awesome that this can kind of seal the eye makeup so it doesn’t smudge. I’m going to give it a try with Mattify’s mineral eye makeup. Sounds like it won’t make it much less sparkly as long as I don’t use a lot.

  6. Hosea Laverdiere says

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