April 18, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ Mindy

    I love the lashes that came with the one set!

  • sara angel


  • http://www.samelevennn.blogspot.com Sam

    Do you think that the purple lipstick is similar to Violetta by MAC?

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      no, its much more true purple. violetta is more of a pink purple, this one is also darker

    • jc

      Violetta is a bit more fuschia (or however you spell that word). The Manic Panic purple is like a true purple. The lipsticks are VERY long-wearing, don’t feather and aren’t drying.

  • MissR.

    This might just be me being lazy, but I would seriously love it if you would put price ranges when you do product reviews/swatches. I know…. laaaaaazy.

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      haha id have to do the same work you would, and i have no idea where to buy this :P but ill keep it in mindddddddd

    • Rachel

      I’ve seen them at Meijer’s for around 10 dollars for the eye and lip palettes, they didnt have the bigger one though

  • xMissxAndristx

    so it took some searching, since this stuff isn’t on their regular webstore… buuut the Creature of the Night collection is at manicpaniccollection.com

  • Anna Banana

    Hahahaha! Oh God, “Manic Panic” brings back memories of when I was younger and thought I was cool for shopping at Hot Topic. :) I would try out Manic Panic pink hair dye. A small part of me still loves those days. lol, this is maybe too dark for me right now but that’s definitely perfect for Halloween. <3

  • Glytten

    I admire your work with this post!

  • http://d&rk$p@rk$ d&rk $p@rk$

    where do you buy manic panic??????????!!! please tell me! *-*happy face!

  • http://d&rk$p@rk$ d&rk $p@rk$

    you rock xsparkage and $ayanythingBr00ke

  • http://d&rk$p@rk$ d&rk $p@rk$

    your so cool

  • yoshimi

    I would LOVE to see a few looks/ tutorials done with these!

  • http://ginafrey.tumblr.com Gina Frey

    I laughed when I saw the pressed powder and creme foundations as I said to myself: “I bet those are the only two shades: pale and translucent!”

  • Ashley

    I love Manic Panic. I want to try their makeup and these look really good

  • Rachael

    OOO So gothic and cool! Want!!!!

  • Valerie39

    oooooh im into gothic stuff so i gotas have dis

  • Valerie39

    i like charcoal