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Mall of America Meet-Up Recap!

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Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to host a meet & greet at the Sigma Beauty Store in the Mall of America, and it was a blast! I got to meet a lot of amazing people and had a great time with it :) Here are some photos from the event!


MOASigmaVia SigmaBeautyTalk

SigmaMOASigmaMOA Sigma had gift bags for everyone that RSVPed!SigmaMOASigmaMOA They also had dessert, including mini cupcakes, macaroons, and cake pops.


MOASigmaVia SigmaBeautyTalk

MOsigmaVia SigmaBeautyTalk

SigmaMOA During the event I was asked to sign a lot of Paris Palettes, which was both flattering and soo weird! Being asked for my autograph is probably the craziest, most surreal thing ever!


MOASigma 1MOASigma 13MOASigma 17MOASigma 18


Thanks to everyone who came, I am so glad I got to meet and talk to you all! I hope I’ll be able to do more meet & greets like this in the future, and thank you to Sigma for hosting it :)




1 Comment

  1. Tori Cox

    March 5, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    I wouldn’t have asked for just an autograph. I would have asked for a makeover. :D

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