Making a comeback: Guest Looks and Guest Reviews

A little less than a year ago I started asking you guys to email me your favorite looks you’ve done on yourself, whether it be nail looks, makeup looks, whatever, and posting them here for everyone to see. I really liked that interaction, and I think it can be helpful for some of you to get a little exposure, so I think we’ll start that up again :)


In order to be eligible to have your look posted here, you need to send me a few things:

  • At least 2 pictures of your look (Preferably a closeup of the focal point, aka eyes or lips, and then a full face shot) that are clear- no blurry pictures please! I won’t post pictures if we can’t clearly see your work! (if you’re sending in a nail look, a picture of the nail bottle is helpful, but you only need to send in a picture of your nails) :)
  • A list of the products that you used to achieve this look
  • Not necessary, but if you have a youtube video on the look, or a blog link you’d like me to post, send a link along for it.


Another similar thing I’m going to try is Guest Reviews. I know that a lot of you have tried products that I haven’t, and take swatch pictures and give awesome descriptions of the products. I’m going to start accepting reviews from  you guys that could potentially be posted on here :) If you have a review you’d like to submit, here is what I’m looking for:

  • A detailed summary of your experience with the product: Be descriptive! What did you like, what didn’t you like, what would you change, what made you buy it.. stuff like that :)
  • Pictures! Pictures are so important for reviews. If you’re reviewing skincare, show us what the product looks like. If you’re reviewing a makeup product, show us swatches, or maybe even an example of a look you used it with.
  • Say where you got the product, and how much it was.
  • If you want, you can tell us what you’d rate it, and if you recommend we check it out.
  • When emailing me this, please make the subject “Guest Review:” and then the name of the product you’re reviewing.
  • If you have a youtube or a blog, link me!
  • If you have a video review, that’s great, but please have a written review with pictures to accompany it. This is a blog, so that’s the most important part!


Send guest looks and guest reviews to


I think I’ll start off doing one guest review and one guest look a week, if they come in that often :) Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Shari says:

    I have quite a few nail art tutorials (including Disney ones which I think you might like!), I don’t think I could pick just one to show you so feel free to have a look through yourself! I have step-by-step pictures of how I created the design and I make sure to include all the polishes I use.

    Thanks for taking time to look, if you do!


  2. Alyssa says:

    How long is this going on? I want to do a video but I’m really busy with school right now and porbobly will not get around to making a video until my break week. Also, what if we don’t our own youtube channel but we want to make a video for you?

    • t1mmycak3s says:

      This goes on forever she will probably keep doing this till the day that she stops making videos, take however long you like!!

  3. Sam says:

    Do you have to be a well known Guru? I’ve never done any online tutorials and I don’t have a blog, but I would like to send in a look to see what you think.

  4. t1mmycak3s says:

    I am going to post a guest look because I think I have potential to be a makeup guru but I would love it if people would c it. If anyone is reading this please check out my youtube:t1mmycak3s, thanx xsparkage!!

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