Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Warm Red Shades

The next batch of Makeup Geek Eyeshadows following the blues and greens post is going to be the warm, reddish toned shades I have. These include bright oranges and vivid reds, along with more toned down shades of cranberry and warm browns. All are gorgeous and super versatile. 

MUGreds 15MUGreds 14Chickadee EyeshadowMUGreds 13Chickadee Eyeshadow

Chickadee is the cutest name and a really cool color. It makes me think of orange juice reincarnated into an eyeshadow.. OR, now that I think about it, the Crayola “Macaroni and Cheese” crayon ;) Satin finish so you don’t get shimmer overload.

MUGreds 12Mandarine EyeshadowMUGreds 11Mandarine Eyeshadow

Mandarine is a really interesting orange shade with glitter. It has great pigmentation and screams summer to me!

MUGreds 10Mango Tango EyeshadowMUGreds 9Mango Tango Eyeshadow

Mango Tango is a peachy golden shimmery shadow. This is a blue eyes staple!!

MUGreds 8Razzleberry EyeshadowMUGreds 7Razzleberry Eyeshadow

Razzleberry is a bright pinky red with gold glitter. The color isn’t the strongest on its own without a base as shown in the swatch, but with a little help (i.e. eyeshadow base or pencil) it will really stand out.

MUGreds 6Country Girl Eyeshadow

MUGreds 5Country Girl Eyeshadow

Country Girl is a warm reddish taupe shimmer. Easy to wear but still slightly more unique than your everyday taupe.

MUGreds 4Bitten EyeshadowMUGreds 3Bitten Eyeshadow

Bitten is a frosty cranberry shadow. Very sultry and fitting for the name!

MUGreds 2Cocoa Bear EyeshadowMUGreds 1Cocoa Bear Eyeshadow

Cocoa Bear is a warm medium brown. This is the type of shade I like to use as a transitioning color in the crease to help dark colors gradually blend out. This would be a bit dark for me to use for that (unless I used a tiiiiiiny bit!) but would also work well just all over the lids.

These are available from Makeup Geek for $5.99 (pan as shown above) or $7.99 (pot for individual use)


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  1. Alyssa Faith says

    Thanks for this post Leesha! Buying all these colors!!!

  2. Patricia wright says

    thanks for the post–the collection of yours is awesome–i love the red shade and even i have tried it on me virtually at—-they have also a mobile app at apple store-

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