Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Greens & Blues

Recently I posted about Makeup Geek’s Gel Liners, and mentioned how during my move last year I misplaces all my Makeup Geek goodies. Along with those gel liners, a ton of really amazing eyeshadows were also misplaced, but thankfully they have been found! Here’s the first batch of MUG eyeshadows- Blues and Greens. These are all super super pigmented and blendable, the same size as MAC eyeshadows and a fraction of the price.  They are also, like MAC, available in the pot for individual use, or in the pan (as shown below) to be used in a palette, like the Z Palette. I’ve got quite a few more shadows to share with you, but for now here are the blues and greens :)

MUGgreenblueES 1MUGgreenblueES 2Pixie Dust EyeshadowMUGgreenblueES 9Pixie Dust Eyeshadow

Pixie Dust is a golden lime green shimmer. It’s a very different shade of green, not quite lime green, the golden shimmer to it makes it pretty unique.

MUGgreenblueES 3Shimmermint EyeshadowMUGgreenblueES 10Shimmermint Eyeshadow

Shimmermint is a pale green with gold shimmer. This is one of my favorites. Reminds me of fairies more than pixie dust for some reason :)

MUGgreenblueES 4Dirty Martini EyeshadowMUGgreenblueES 11Dirty Martini Eyeshadow

Dirty Martini is a cool olive satin.

MUGgreenblueES 5Envy EyeshadowMUGgreenblueES 12Envy Eyeshadow

Envy is a gorgeous blackened blue with teal shimmer. This is probably the most unique shade here. I would use this one over an emerald base to really bring out the teal/green in it.

MUGgreenblueES 6Poolside EyeshadowMUGgreenblueES 13Poolside Eyeshadow

Poolside is a super summery blue! Bright turquoise with cyan shimmer. My favorite shade here. Gorgeous blue, I can’t wait to use this one in some summer looks!

MUGgreenblueES 7Mermaid EyeshadowMUGgreenblueES 14Mermaid Eyeshadow

Mermaid is a lovely oceany blue with shimmer. This color is perfectly named for the shade! I really love the ocean vibe with this one.

MUGgreenblueES 8Unicorn EyeshadowMUGgreenblueES 15Unicorn Eyeshadow
Unicorn is a unique purple/blue matte. The pigmentation on this one isn’t awful for being a matte, but like most matte shades it would definitely benefit from a sticky base. 


Available for $5.99 (pans) or $7.99 (pot) from Makeup Geek.


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  1. Sarah says

    Wow, these are great, and so affordable!

  2. Amanda says

    The one you labeled “unicorn” looks more like the shadow called “Neptune”…unicorn has shimmer.

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