Maj’s Favorites:Things That I’m Stealing (from Leesha!)

My mom came to visit me here in Austin this weekend, and we had a great time catching up, as I haven’t seen her since Christmas. Being my mom, she couldn’t just be on vacation at her daughter’s place, she had to scrutinize and deep clean and organize areas I thought were perfectly fine (which is a trait that you must just get after raising kids- no matter how old they are, you still feel like you must clean up after them!) She also loves to shop through my makeup and skincare, she called my place “a spa” as she got to try a ton of new products while she was here. She decided that since she cleaned and helped me organize my kitchen and bathroom, that she was going to take a few “samples” home with her haha :) Here’s what she found that she really loved-



  • Lancome Genefique Serum
  • Lancome BiFacil Eye makeup remover
  • Lancome Genefique Eye Cream
  • Armani Beauty Regenesince Youth Regenerator
  • Lancome Eyelash Primer
  • Lancome Definicils Mascara
  • Lancome Eye Pencils
  • Lancome Rouge Glow Blush
  • YSL Touche Eclat
  • Thierry Mugler Flash Lips Smoothing Lip Plumper
  • Thierry Mugler Plexi Gloss Pink & Peach Lip Gloss
  • Benefit B.Rite Foaming Cleanser
  • Benefit B.Rite Triple Performing Face Moisturizer
  • Benefit B.Rite It’s Potent Eye Cream
  • Origins Vita Zing Moisturizer SPF 15


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  1. Catherine says

    haha! It’s always funny when native English speaking makeup gurus try to pronounce French product names. For YSL Touche Eclat, it’s pronounced Toosh Eh-clah or Ey-clah.

    1. CaitlynnSephira says

      Yeahhh !! It’s always fun !! In the other way, when we say ”Ze” instead of ”the” that would be fun for them too !!!

  2. LadyJ1015 says

    haha! Your mom is great! I have the same relationship with mine, only she is not as into make-up as I am :)

  3. Sarah says

    Hahahah, she’s so cute! My Mom couldn’t care less about makeup and beauty stuff. I attacked her the last time she was over and did her eyebrows, I thought she was going to self destruct, ahahah! :D

  4. Rebecca says

    It’s pronounced “tea-air-ee moo-g-lay” I think. Back in high school in our French class our teacher gave us fake French names, there was a kid in my class who chose the name Thierry lol.

    My mom is the same way, whenever I buy new stuff she tries to jack it haha!

  5. Giang says

    You don’t get mad that she takes your stuff?

    1. leesha says

      its not like she just takes it.. obviously i let her haha she is my mom and all

  6. Tabby says

    Leesha you are very lucky to have a mom that is so much fun. I watched her blog today and it was great. I have a Q about how far out on your eye should you go with your shadow? What eyes shouldn’t have a strong V on the outside and what is better on mature eyes? Would you do your moms makeup as a tutorial? PLEASE!!!!!!!

  7. Renske says

    wow, I loved this video! Thank you! You make my day starting with a smile :D

  8. Janine says

    Your mom is adorable :)

    That Origins product looks cool, I might try to get it here in the UK, we have an Origins counter in my local department store. That whole white-turning-to-colour thing is like the foundation I use. I use Revlon’s Beyond Natural skin matching makeup, it’s amazing. My skin always changes colour throughout the year and finding foundations to match it each time is a pain, and then I found this stuff, it goes on white and blends to whatever shade your skin is. It comes in 3 shades I think, light, medium and dark, I have light and medium so the light gets used in the winter and the medium in the summer, and no matter what shade my skin is, it always matches perfectly, it’s amazing (and cheap) and it has SPF 15 in it too, I can’t recommend this stuff enough.

  9. Caroline Carnivorous says

    Hahahah, I love it when you guys interrupt eachother! xD
    My mom is almost as extreme as yours.. She keeps asking me about the make-up I bring home from shopping, and randomly goes like: ”How about those MAC foundations..?” to get my advice about them xD

  10. Grace Chin says

    I love how you incorporate your family members in your videos. your DAD is the only one left we have not seen. BRING HIM IN!!!

    “Who wears SPF 16” LOLOL

  11. Heather says

    Tea-yair-ee Me-You-Glare

    Pretty sure. My Mom worked for Clarins for many years and Thierry Mugler was, at the very end of her time with Clarins, was under the Clarins umbrella. And this is how I heard it pronounced. So I think it’s right. Or close to.

  12. Kathryn says

    this has made my day haha

  13. Alyson @ The Gloss Menagerie says

    I loved this video. Your mom is so cute! My mom and I are BFFs so it made me smile to see you do a video with your mom. Since I’m a beauty blogger also, I can relate. Whenever my mom is out of anything beauty-related she just asks me for whatever she needs haha. I’ve even had her do a review for my blog on some stuff too. So cute! Yay for mommy-daughter time. :)

  14. Sweetbsting says

    I love the interaction between mother and daughter! Makes me miss my mom though :( Enjoy the times you have with her for sure :D

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