MAC Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess Blush


Amazonprincess 1

Amazonprincess 2

Amazonprincess 3


This color swatches SUPER bright, but I think that’s partially because I swatched over an eyeshadow base and with a heavy hand.. I really don’t think it’d look like this on your cheeks unless you were using a kabuki brush or something :) These would look nice paired together on the cheeks, just layering the colors and blending them slightly, as well as alone. The color payoff was (clearly!) nice, no work to get the pigmentation to show. (Sorry I have no picture of it on my face, I barely had time to photograph these!)



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  • Melissa

    Oh I’d love to have this. It looks very cool. :D

  • Tanisha

    I brought this color yesterday. Can’t wait to try this out. Such a pretty color.

  • Vijaya

    These are so prety, but this one is so similar to Band of Roses that I’m skipping.

  • Jenny from The Thrifted Crayon

    That blush looks like a gorgeous pink color and very well pigmented.

  • Gabriella

    Wow, that is really pigmented, which is good! Nice color too! I think the Wonder Woman packaging is cute too. :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  • Bekah

    OMG! I love this! I want to order some of the Wonder Woman Collection so bad!

  • Kelly

    Wow! That blush is really bright!