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MAC Temperature Rising Lipstick and Lipglass

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MAC Temperature Rising lip products keep with the theme of neutrals and berry toned shades as seen here! Soft nudes and sparkly violets are shown here, and I particularly like the nude colors!

MACTRLips 7MACTRLips 8MACTRLips 6 Altered Beige Lipstick MACTRLips 5Altered Beige Lipstick MACTRLips 4Altered Beige Lipstick 

Altered Beige is probably my new favorite lipstick. It’s a lustre formula so it isn’t super pigmented, but has a nice look and sheen to it.

MACTRLips 3 Caliente LipstickMACTRLips 2Caliente LipstickMACTRLips 1Caliente Lipstick

Caliente is a deep violet with tons of glitter. Personally, this lipstick isn’t exactly my cup of tea. It didn’t apply evenly and the color is really not my style.

MACTRLips 17MACTRLips 16Soft Serenade LipglassMACTRLips 15Soft Serenade LipglassMACTRLips 14Soft Serenade LipglassMACTRLips 13Soft Serenade Lipglass

Soft Serenade is a neutral pink with pearl. Love this color, especially over Altered Beige!

MACTRLips 12Rhythm LipglassMACTRLips 11Rhythm LipglassMACTRLips 10Rhythm LipglassMACTRLips 9Rhythm Lipglass

Rhythm is a magenta with blue pearl. I like that this isn’t as opaque as I thought it would be based on how it looks in the tub. It’s a nice layering lipglass!

Temperature Rising Lipstick: $16.50 Each
Temperature Rising Lipglass: $16.50 Each

Available from MAC Cosmetics. 





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