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MAC Temperature Rising Eyeshadow Quad

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The Temperature Rising Quad from MAC is my favorite of the two in this collection. It isn’t exactly what I would say is a summer palette, but the colors are really great and make for a badass smokey look, or are easily toned down into a colorful, yet subdued look.

MACTReyes 10MACTReyes 9MACTReyes 8Performance Art Eyeshadow

MACTReyes 7Temperature Rising Eyeshadow’

MACTReyes 6 Swelter Eyeshadow

MACTReyes 5Beauty Marked Eyeshadow

MACTReyes 4Performance Art, Temperature Rising, Swelter, Beauty Marked

Performance Art is an interesting gold mauve shade. It’s a pretty unique shade!
Temperature Rising is a tanned peach. I really like this shade, but it is a lustre formula so it kinda needs a boost (eyeshadow base) to reach it’s full potential.
Swelter is a grey violet. It is frost formula and needs to be built to have good color payoff.
Beauty Marked is a black with red pearl. The red doesn’t really show up much, but the black is great for smokey looks.
Temperature Rising Eyeshadow Quad: $44 Each

Available from MAC Cosmetics.





  1. Fiona Sykes

    May 18, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    This was my only purchase from the collection and I absolutely love it! It’s unusual that the UK have had this collection for a few weeks before the US! Xx

  2. natasha

    May 19, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    these are such beautiful colours! performance art is a lovely shade x

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