MAC Temperature Rising Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Temperature Rising Bare My Soul eyeshadow quad is full of warm browns and yellows and a green duochrome. I was really excited about this quad when I first looked at it, but wasn’t happy with the shades when I tried to use them in a look. It may have just been they didn’t work for the style I was going for, I may have to try again as I do like how they look in the swatches :)

MACTReyes 17MACTReyes 16MACTReyes 15Romantico Eyeshadow 

MACTReyes 14Bare My Soul Eyeshadow

MACTReyes 13Friendly Eyeshadow

MACTReyes 12When In Rio Eyeshadow

MACTReyes 11Romantico, Bare My Soul, Friendly, When In Rio Eyeshadow

Romanticio is a shimmery taupey beige. It’s a veluxe pearl so its very soft and pigmented.
Bare My Soul is a frosted gold. This was the shade I was bummed about when I applied it.
Friendly is a bronze and a veluxe pearl as well, so it’s nice and pigmented.
When In Rio is described as a deep green with copper pearl. I think they have the description backwards, as the green looks like the pearl. Anyways, this swatch is a bit deceiving, as this didn’t apply nearly as nice as that swatch suggests. The copper came out a lot more and I didn’t see any of the green.

Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad: $44 Each


Available from MAC Cosmetics.


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