MAC Surf Baby! Ocean Dip Nail Lacquer: Swatches, Photos

MAC Surf Baby includes two nail lacquers, and today I have one of the two to show you! It’s called Ocean Dip, and is a mid-tone creamy aqua. Check out the photos below! :)


surf baby np

surf baby np

surf baby np

surf baby np

This color is exactly how it is described and is perfect for the name! It’s definitely an ocean blue, almost a blue-green. The color is a cream and stays true to that as it applies beautifully, creamy and opaque with just two coats. I feel like MAC has come out with a lot of creamy blue nail polishes lately, or is that just me? Anyways, this is a beautiful shade and really fits in with the overall theme of this collection.

This is available for $15 May 26th from MAC Cosmetics.




  1. Vijaya says

    Wow, that is an AWESOME color. =D

  2. Brooke says

    Their nail polishes are up to $15 now??! WORST.

    1. Leesha says

      yeah i kinda cringed when i saw it was that much.

    2. maria ines says

      sad thing is, its runny, liquidy consistency places it in the terrible quality category. in comparison to Sally Hansen’s, complete manicure line, “Barracuda” is a similar gorgeous color that definitely delivers, what i would expect mac brand quality results.

  3. Kyle says

    The lip products and eyeshadows are up a dollar too.
    I think it’s the packaging, in this case, just the damn logo.

    1. Leesha says

      mac nail polish used to be 9 bucks so this is quite a jump haha

  4. Skyla says

    This is a beautiful color but could you possibly swatch this next to China Glaze’s “Flyin High”? Because I have it and I think they’re very similar…thnx in advance, Leesha!! <3

  5. Ally says

    It looks like it might be similar to Essie ‘turquoise and caicos”

  6. Chris says

    I love the colour, but it’s way too expensive in my opinion. $15! It’s mental!

  7. Nicole says

    i love this color so much, but unfortunatly colors like this look horrible with my skintone..

  8. Kimberly says

    The only MAC product I own is a nail polish, Imperial Flower and I really like it, but I like Illamasqua polishes better and it’s only $14 from Sephora. I might check out the other polish from this collection, but I haven’t seen a swatch of it yet and I hadn’t seen this one up either. Thanks for putting it up.

  9. Felicia says

    Hey Leesha, how does this compare to Opi mermaid tears? :) (its problaly not even close to similar)

  10. Jackie says

    PEOPLE don’t spend 15 dollars on a nail polish. A DUUUPE for ocean dip would be mermaids tears by OPI in their pirates of the carribean line. I find this the same as ocean dip

    1. Eleonore Labeca says

      Disagree, unfortunately. I’ve got both Ocean Dip and O.P.I. Mermaids Tears (which is fortunately easy to find in Paris) and the later looks more like China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, I think. It’s a mint one, so, I would say Mermaids tears can be a dupe for Mac Mischievous Mint (even though they are different in their way). As for Ocean Dip, I agree with Christine (temptalia) I’ven’t found a dupe yet, maybe the Essie one, but I’m still battling to find one in my country France to compare. But according to Christine, there is no dupe (for now) for Ocean Dip.

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