MAC Surf Baby! Collection Roundup & First Impressions Video

Here is a roundup of links for swatches and photos of the products I have from the new MAC Surf Baby! Collection! This Collection is a very summer-themed collection- from the names, to the colors and packaging, it screams surfer/island fun. Check it out!

mac surf baby full

Surf Baby ColourBeauty 300

Surf Baby FaceBeauty

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  1. Anonymous says

    I LOVE these products, they give me that really happy and summery feeling. I am a LITTLE, just a little, disappointed that you read the descriptions MAC gave them. I like hearing what YOU think they look like and if it compares to what the brand says. But that aside, I think you do a very nice job explaining each product and how you give your honest opinion of each. My only suggestions would be what I said before, say the prices, and just don’t be afraid to go all out and say what you feel. Great job though and if I had the money, I would DEFINITLEY buy some of these MAC products :)

  2. Elaine says

    Wow! This is a great collection & u did an ammmmaaazing job describing them.
    You’re so good at giving descriptions & def the best swatches on you tube! You
    look gorgeous girl!!! Muahz!

  3. Wren says

    The model is kind of scary…

    1. Leesha says

      she doesnt look happy to be at the beach lol

  4. Alexis says

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS COLLECTION! I cannot wait til it comes out so that I can buy some of the stuff! I love the coral colors and the sheer colors! I pretty much want everything out of the collection because the packaging is sooo cute and I love anything that has like a beachy vibe. I’ve really been wanting to do a shopping spree at MAC so maybe I’ll wait til the 26th! I think that’s when you said they come out lol As always you did an amazing job explaining everything and showing us! You are great and I look forward to coming to your website to see what’s new everyday! Thank you!!
    Sincerely, one of your biggest fans,

  5. Aurora Dianna says

    Hey, the suntint’s sound really nice, i have plenty of lip products but i don’t have any with an SPF content as high as 20 and i am all about high SPF’s so i think im going to have to check it out. Its really good to know they will stay on for long periods of time. I wish i could find more products will SPF in them if you know of any i would love to hear about them. Thanks for the review i really find it helpful.

    Aurora Dianna

  6. Challen says

    Hi Leesha
    My name is Charlotte and I live in Sweden. I follow your blog every day, and I really love it. You are so damn good at what you do, and you give me great insperation. Thank you very much!
    Above all, I love your videos, and I’ve seen them all.
    Reason why I write this comment, is because I wanted to show you something.
    I saw that you wrote about your favorites in the 120 palettes. Today I got a new addition, 120 eyeshadow palette summer sunset eyes. If you are curious about how it looks, click on my blog.(Perhaps you have seen it, but anyway)
    Hugs Charlotte
    Keep doing what you do, you are damn good!

  7. Sarah says

    OMG “Jizzlips”! I died laughing!

  8. Annette says

    Really love the My Paradise Cheek Powder though its a pity the overlay colour wears off. I like seeing the swatch posts but would love to see more review/look videos. Thanks :)

  9. Laurette says

    I don’t really like this collection. I don’t associate summer, surfig’ and being on the beach with make-up. The colour-combination is also not really appealing to me… I do, however, like the stashes very much, beautiful colours, the gold is eyecatching!

  10. caseydia says

    This packaging is almost as cheap looking as the wonder woman stuff. I wish they wouldn’t put things in packaging that looks like something I would see at the dollar store. Other than that, the colors are nice.

  11. kat says

    That model is ugly,and yeah-scary. i wouldnt use that as an ad for my makeup

    1. kat says

      and why are skinny guys wearing girly bottoms appealing? that other guy looks like hes nude. if u wear make up to the beach i think youre dumb, i know its about a summery feel but still

  12. Rochelle says

    I live in Australia so it will almost be our winter by the time this collection comes out but even though it will be super cold I will still be rocking out Hibiscus lipstick, bringing a bit of brightness to the grey days.

  13. lexi says

    Lol the Girl Model looks like a Zombie!

  14. Jenna says

    The promo pictures are… Interesting… As you said when you replies to Wren: Unhappy model looks unhappy. Probably because she looks like she has no eyebrows. I’d have the same facial expression if someone took my eyebrows away and put me in a swimsuit that has a top that looks like the padding inside of it folded in half. :P

    And were the Speedos really necessary, MAC? I don’t need to see that much of a man’s package when I don’t even know his name. :/

  15. Pammy says

    Great overview Leesha! This collection totally appeals to me and I think the packaging and theme are very cute. I am going to pick up one of the Suntints and a crushed metallics set…and possibly the bronzer too! Can’t wait! Love your channel and your blog!

  16. valery says

    collection is great, but from where they get those ugly people…wow

  17. Caitlin says

    When is this going to be released in Asia? I’m studying abroad and not used to havin a diff release date. Can some one help/share?

  18. Mary says

    ide rather not have this collection but ide liek that light blue nail polish i think thats what it is in the picture and the peachy red color really pretty love those but nothing else apeales to me except the blush not the bronzer

  19. Anie says

    This may be a rather late post, but where did you get your lovely hat in the video?

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