MAC Sized To Go Review

I am a huge fan of small versions of regular things, but who isn’t? I have mini bottles of diet coke in my fridge, LOVE buying sample packs of basically anything, like cupcakes over cakes.. so when I see mini versions of some of my favorite products, of course I get excited and go on about how cute they are!

MAC is putting out an array of products from their skincare line in mini, travel size (and airplane approved) bottles that hold an ounce of product. They’re teeny, cute, and perfect size for taking on trips!



mac sized to go

mac sized to go

mac sized to go

mac sized to go

mac sized to go


While, yes, these are super cute, there is one downfall to them (and to me, it’s pretty huge!) The price! You are getting a fraction of the product, so I would think the cost would be equal to that, right? wrong.

Here is a breakdown of how the Price-Per-Ounce is for a fullsized bottle, and the travel size for each product.

  • Fix + Full Size $5.58/oz; Travel Size: $10/oz
  • Pro Eye Makeup Remover– Full size: $5.29/oz; Travel Size: $10/oz
  • Cleanse Off Oil /Tranquil– Full Size: $6/oz; Travel Size: $10/oz
  • Cleanse Off Oil– Full Size: $4.80/oz; Travel Size: $10/oz
  • Green Gel Cleanser– Full Size: $3.90/oz;  Travel Size: $10/oz
  • Oil Control Lotion– Full Size: $17.35/oz; Travel Size: $15/oz
  • Strobe Cream– Full Size: $17.35/oz; Travel Size: $15/oz
  • Studio Moisture Cream– Full Size: $18.82/oz; Travel Size: $15/oz
  • Wipes– regular 45-sheet bag: $0.40/sheet; Travel, 30 Demi-wipe bag: $0.50/sheet (and yes, they are the same size)

So as you can see, the only thing that would make sense to get in travel size would be the moisturizers, which are actually cheaper per ounce than the full size versions. I just don’t understand why with some of these, like the Pro Eye Makeup Remover and the Cleanse Off Oil, the price would just about be double what it is otherwise. It makes more sense to just buy a full size version and then get those cheap travel bottles at the drugstore and pour some in there.

One other thing, Where is the travel size brush cleaner, MAC?? I could really use that!!

These will be available June 9th permanently from MAC Cosmetics.


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  1. holly says

    argghh, this is dumb, seriously dumb, i think they are just using any exscuse they can to bring a new collection of somesort out.

  2. sam says

    thanks for the size thing! i probably will get the little fix plus just because i wanna try it out but def the oil control lotion since it works out better

    1. Sherry Blossom says

      YES!! Wasn’t the breakdown of the ounces so helpful! Although I’l admit I already assumed it would perhaps be more cost effective to by the full size products…just a hunch!

  3. Annie says

    At the mac warehouse sale in markham, ontario, the mini cleanse off oils and fix+’s have been found for $3! I’m glad MAC is starting to sell them in stores, they are quite handy.

    Tip: I poured cleanse off oil into my empty MINI fix+ container and now i can carry it in my overnight bag without spillage!

  4. Jae says

    bleh, i’d never buy travel-size for that. D; That’s way too much when you’re paying for less product!
    (it reminds me of shorts…I don’t get why my shorts cost almost the same as my jeans.)

    but MAC knows someone will buy it because some people must absolutely have the brand name on their stuff.

    1. leesha says

      or bathing suits. why the hell do you pay $30 for ONE HALF of a bikini? why? -___- lol

  5. NinaPatricia says

    got really excited for a minute since we travel international all the time, but this is simply not worth it. And I agree, would love the brush cleaner. Thanks for another great and honest review

  6. xasperadastra says

    they are really cute..but why pay more for less product???

  7. xasperadastra says

    anyway the fix+ mini would be really useful for me when I have dance shows! Indeed I never bring my fix + because it’s too big -____- uffffffff

  8. Christy says

    I love MAC and RARELY do I complain, if not at all but the price for these are ridicilous. I’ll stick to buying the full size. More bang for my buck.

  9. Christy says

    Oh My Badd….. Thanks Again Leesha for the review :)!

  10. Amelia says

    This is silly, you cam buy little travel bottles at target for a dollar or so. If there was a mac skin product i totally loved, I’d just fill up another travel bottle.

  11. Sarah says

    MAC seems to think they’re so amazing that they can get away with anything. Wrong.

  12. aclineo says

    i like mini sizes of everything because (esp. with mac) it seems like im ALWAYS buying stuff from a new collection. if i have regular-sized products, then i just feel silly for buying more and more when i havent finished the old one!

  13. Jo says

    Leesha, I absolutely agree with you. Bikinis in A&F for example cost more together than a pair of jeans!! Ridiculous.

    But yes, paying double the price for less than half the amount is just a little bit ridiculous.
    I do think you got it spot on with the travel sized brush cleanser though…

    I am probably going to get the MAC travel sized bottles for the sake of the cute little bottles though. Then once I’m out of the product, just fill it back up from the bigger containers of the products. The drugstore stuff I always have issues with coz I hate the way they look so plain and that they don’t have labels etc. This is my biggest downfall, I hate it if my things look rubbish lol :)

  14. Catherine says

    I like the idea of travel size MAC items, but as you mentioned the prices are not so great. It does not make sense to pay more for a smaller item when I can purchase a full sized item and find my own CHEAPER means to store it into a smaller package. Great review!

  15. Rita says

    Are they refillable?

  16. Mandy says

    Ehh I was having second thoughts of buying the smaller sized after I saw the prices..But I think I may get the Fix+ and Cleansing Oil just to try and have a smaller cuter container for when I do travel. I actually like MAC’s pump bottles :D

    Just wondering..whats the different between the Cleanse Off Oil and Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil?

  17. Tara says

    -__- well that stinks! Thanks for the breakdown of price/oz. Very helpful! You don’t think about that when your at the counter! Lol

  18. Anne says

    Sounded like a great idea and I was excited until I scrolled down to the prices. I would much rather buy travel sized bottles at the drugstore and just fill them from my full sized bottles. Sorry MAC, try again!

  19. Sarah says

    I think I’ll pick up a mini Fix+ since I love the product & think it would be handy to toss in my purse/travel bag. I agree that these are overpriced, but most things are these days. It just depends how much you personally are willing to drop.

  20. Emma says

    wow! they are so cute! but the price is stupid! mac fix+ (regular size) is allowed to be carried on an airplane! but the little one is so cute!!! I’m probably gonna buy it for my purse x: and maybe a strobe cream cos i wanna try that, and its cheaper! minis are so cute, if i used any of the other things, i would prob buy them cos im a sucker for minis /:

  21. Julie says

    I might try out the strobe cream in a mini size, but even still, if I like a product enough to travel with it, I’m obviously going to be using it a ton.

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