MAC Semi Precious Collection Blushes: Warmth of Coral, Pressed Amber

MAC’s Semi Precious collection includes three new blushes, ranging from a medium nude to a bright pink. The two I have to share with you today include Warmth of Coral, a medium coral with peach tones, and Pressed Amber, a beigey-nude with brown and pale swirls.

macsemipreblushWarmth of Coral, Pressed Amber

macsemipreblushWarmth of Coral

macsemipreblushPressed Amber

macsemipreblushPressed Amber (Dry/Wet) Warmth of Coral (Dry/Wet)


The Mineralized Blushes in this collection are one of my favorite parts of this collection, especially Warmth of Coral! I initially thought it would be too light for my skintone, but it actually works great as a light flush of color. Pressed Amber is a bit too dark for me but might work well as a contour shade, although I do prefer matte cheek contours :) I like Pressed Amber as well because in the pan it looks like Jupiter, doesn’t it?!

These are available for $23 on July 7th from MAC Cosmetics.



  1. MUA Lindsay says

    The images aren’t showing in Google Reader anymore.

  2. Wendy says

    I really want warmth of coral :D

  3. Kim says

    I actually just bought this is Feeling Flush….there was no way I was gonna wait and let it get sold out. I’m so excited!

  4. Melody says

    These are lovely but I ended up skipping the blushes. I’m burnt out on these colors right now.

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