MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquer: Photos, Swatches

The Nail Lacquers in the Quite Cute collection from MAC are all creamy pastel colors, ranging from a light lavender to a pale minty blue.

In This Post:

  • Little Girl Type ($14.00): Creamy Pale Lavender
  • Ice Cream Cake ($14.00): Creamy Blue Pink


quitecutenailLittle Girl Type, Ice Cream Cake

quitecutenailLittle Girl Type Nail Lacquer

quitecutenailIce Cream Cake Nail Lacquer


If you like cream finish nail polishes, you will definitely like these. Generally I like cream polish, but find that I want to add sparkle or flakies on top to give it a little fun twist. These I actually really like on their own. They remind me of the Sephora Hello Kitty Nail Polishes in the cream, pastel, Easter-esque factor, but I like that. I feel that Ice Cream Cake (the pink) isn’t terribly unique, but I don’t think I have anything quite like Little Girl Type.

These are shown with two coats and no top coat.

These will be available from MAC Cosmetics starting April 7th.




  1. Chris says

    Really like Little Girl Type! =D

  2. Vijaya says

    These are so going on the wishlist!

  3. Michelle Tiu says

    I love the colors! They’re better in nail polish form! :)

  4. Catherine says

    The pink is cute. But, its not unique because there are so many dupes of that colour…

    1. ariesqt0323 says

      i love that pink what’s a good dupe for it? the only thing i wanted in the collection was the nail colors and i just gotta get that crazy pink lipstick :-)

  5. Martin says

    Do u know if the green one is like peppermint patty?

  6. Andrea says

    Hey any dupes in OPI for these? Would like to spend on other things in this collection. Thanks!

  7. Victoria says

    I’m also definitely interested in a dupe (mainly for ice cream cake..already have a few lavender nail polishes).

  8. MakeupbyThess says

    I love love love that “Little girl type”.. never had anything like it before, so looking forward to when it’s released here in sweden! =)

  9. Eleonore Labeca says

    I wanted to skip these polishes, but now I wish I wouldn’t. Mischievous Mint seems to be sold out in Paris. I’m so sad. The lavender one seems to be a bit lighter. I prefer a lavender a bit darker like the OPI Planker a Lot (or something), so if I don’t find the Mischievous Mint, I may take the cream cake just to wear it with my precious candy yum yum. rhâââââ (when we are furious, we love saying “rhâââââ), I just opened a collection of mint colors… Anyway, always a pleasure to read you.

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