MAC Quite Cute Cutie Eye Shadow Palette: Photos, Swatches

The Cutie 4-Palette from the Quite Cute collection has a mixture of lustre and frost finishes, and consists of mainly pastel shades, which fits in to the majority of this collection as a whole.

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Cutie Eye Shadow x4 Palette ($36):

  • Moshi Moshi!: Pale White Green Gold (Frost)

  • Goody Goody Gum Drop: Light White Pink (Satin)
  • Boycrazy: Pale Lavender with Silver Pearl (Lustre)
  • Azuki Bean: Mid-tone Dirty Violet (Frost)


quitecutepaletteCutie Eyeshadow x4

quitecutepaletteCutie Eyeshadow x4

quitecutepaletteCutie Eyeshadow x4

quitecutepaletteMoshi Moshi!, Goody Goody Gumdrop, Boycrazy, Azuki Bean


This palette as a whole kinda disappointed me. Looking at the colors, I liked how you could see the sparkle, it kinda reminded me of my Inglot double sparkle shadows (the shadow is base matte/satin, but it has glitter in it) but these are nowhere near the level of pigmentation Inglot shadows offer. These are really sheer (the swatches are applied over a base) other than Azuki Bean, and I feel the only way to make them work would be to use them over a similar colored base, like an eyeliner.

These will be available from MAC Cosmetics starting April 7th.




  1. Brooke says

    Wow possibly the worst 3 eyeshadows I’ve ever seen haha awesomeeee

    1. beautilicous says

      worst? they are so cute

      1. Dizzy says

        They’re cute in the packaging, but useless swatched. I’d just get Azuki Bean on its own if I could.

  2. Miss Mary Mac says

    Hey Leesha :]

    Long time fan, love your tutorials. I’m a really big fan of Mac [as if the name didn’t give it away], I’m also a makeup junkie. I’m really unimpressed with these too :[ Way too light, especially a whole palette of them… They sort of remind me of the Hello Kitty colors. But as a Mac pro customer, I feel like I need to have them. However, I am hearing great things about Inglot, and I have a sample of theirs that I love… I spent so much on all my Mac palettes, it’d be so hard to go get all the Inglot colors.

    Take care girl. Your haircut is very cute, too :]

    xoxo Mary

  3. Liz says

    It makes me happy to see a negative review from you. MAC has been unimpressive lately. Oh well, at least it was free, right.

  4. Candy says

    yeah these are kinda pointless.

  5. Becky says

    I’ve been going nuts waiting for this collection to come out. I was especially excited about the quad, until it kept getting negative reviews. I kept my hopes up but after seeing your swatches I’m definately skipping. If it can’t work on light skin like mine and yours despite the crappy quality, there is no way I’m wasting my money. Thanks :)

  6. Michelle Tiu says

    Great shades!! I’ve been loving pastels lately! :)

    1. Michelle Tiu says

      On second thought though…… They might be cute in the pot but pointless on the eyes…. Yeah, I guess you’re right. :-/

  7. christina says

    It loooks JUST like a quad from lancome a few years ago! wow.. mac needs some new inspiration!!

  8. Anony Mouse says

    I want Azuki Bean, but I don’t care for the other colors. I really wished they released it on its own! :(

  9. Cassie says

    Has anyone tried using this quad wet or with any kind of mixing solutions to bring out the color more? The colors themselves are very pretty, but the swatches really did look bogus

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