MAC Quite Cute, Bronze Everyday, & Primed For Perfection Collections Link Roundup

Here are all the posts from the new collections coming out from MAC on April 7! Below is a video first-impressions review of the products I have from Quite Cute, and then links to all the post reviews. Enjoy!

QuiteCute Beauty 72

Quite Cute Collection:




Bronze Everyday Collection:


PrimedForPerfection Beauty 72

Primed for Perfection Collection:


  1. Vijaya says

    I know I said that on the eye look post, but I REALLY love that eye look!

  2. Annette says

    Leesha, thanks so much for showing the items you got from the collection. It’s always so helpful to see them in person before buying them. That Candy Yum-Yum lipstick looks absolutely amazing on you!!! Love the blog, I read it every day!

  3. Sweetbsting says

    “I would rock that like it was my job” LOL

  4. Sara says

    Love these videos you make, I’ve watched every one! More of them, please! Even if I probably wouldn’t buy MAC because it isn’t easily accessible where I live (small town in Sweden), I just love hearing about them! And other brands would be great, too. Thanks for your blog, you brighten my days!

  5. xenia says

    hey i was wondering what kind of camera/video camera do u use?? it would be great to know……

  6. Renske says

    I like this kind of video’s! Yes, so you may make more of these in the future :b I like your personality, you’re so sparkling! So your ids are always fun to watch. But this video was more fun because I can see you try all these products in person and that gives a very good impression. Also because I can see you’re reaction on these!

  7. assie says

    I like these video’s too! They are really helpful. Your reaction on Candy Yum Yum is so funny, now i want it haha. Could you do a tutorial for the look you did with these items? I really love that look!

  8. yuly says

    JAKARTA? OMG I live in Jakarta.
    Thanks for sharing, leesha, this is sooooo helpful!!!

  9. Fairie says

    This video was great! Your lip swatch pics were great too but now I got to see them in action and it gave a much better idea on how they look. Thanks!

  10. Marta says

    Omg your reaction to the bright pink lipstick ahaha
    I really like the Giggly mineralize blush, it’s such a pretty color.
    Keep the good work Leesha, since 2009 that I watch your youtube videos, you really inspired me to get into make up.

  11. Mel says

    Id love to see some too faced product lines reviewed. Ive had good experience with there primers and powders but I don’t know about their pallets and blushes. xxx

  12. Bethany says

    YES! Candy Yum Yum is freaking amazing =) I’m practically waiting by the door for mine! haha
    I actually like the 2 polishes now that I’ve seen them on your nails.. before I didn’t think anything of them, but they are pretty!

    1. Giella says

      If you are ever looking for more Candy Yum Yum now that it is discontinued and selling on eBay for ridiculous prices, we have matched it perfectly and sell it for $28 at We call it CYY.

  13. Brinna says

    Loved this video. I went out this weekend and bought some of the quite cute collection because of it!

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