MAC Pressed Pigments- Moth, Pink Pepper, Lime Ice

I remember years ago, when I had first really gotten in to MAC and started collection makeup, how pressing pigments into solid eyeshadows was a big thing. You would buy some empty eyeshadow pans, mix some pigment with some alcohol, put it in the eyeshadow pan, cover it with a tissue and a quarter and press as hard as you can, and viola! Let it dry and you have a pressed pigment. 

MAC has caught on to this trend and taken it into their own hands with their version of pressed pigments. These are larger than your standard MAC Eyeshadow, have loads of shimmer and sparkle and, unlike regular shadows, can be applied wet, making them a bit easier in versatility. Below I have three of the new shades to show you- a muted violet, coral, and lime green shimmer.

MACpressedPigments 1

MACpressedPigments 2MACpressedPigments 4Moth Pressed PigmentMACpressedPigments 3Moth Pressed PigmentMACpressedPigments 5Moth Pressed Pigment- Applied dry (left) and with a damp brush (right)

Moth is a mauve with silver pearl. Nicely pigmented with loads of silver sheen.

MACpressedPigments 6Pink Pepper Pressed PigmentMACpressedPigments 7Pink Pepper Pressed PigmentMACpressedPigments 8Pink Pepper Pressed Pigment– Applied dry (left) and with a damp brush (right)

Pink Pepper is a coral with gold pearl. Not the most unique shade, but I am always a sucker for all this coral and peach. This is such a gorgeous shade and a great every day shade for blue eyes!

MACpressedPigments 9Lime Ice Pressed PigmentMACpressedPigments 10Lime Ice Pressed PigmentMACpressedPigments 11Lime Ice Pressed Pigment– Applied dry (left) and with a damp brush (right)

Lime Ice is a sea foam green. This reminds me of a color in my Naked Ivory Collection, as well as a color MAC Came out with earlier this year with their In Extra Dimension collection. It’s not an exact match to that color, as this is a cooler green with more of a base color than shimmer, and has a silver pearl. 


Available for $21 each from MAC Cosmetics.


  1. Emily Bryan says

    Pink Pepper is gorgeous!

  2. Hallie says

    I absolutely love pink pepper, but I can’t find it anywhere! I could honestly cry! You said it wasn’t the most unique shade, would you know of any dupes? I tried checking Temptalia, but all of her dupes were LE. ):

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