April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Jessica

    I love paparazzshe <3 .It's much more brighter.

  • http://thegirlyeditionuk.blogspot.com/ Sarah Sharkbait

    I prefer firespot looks perfect for my paler tone :)

  • Trina

    I definitely prefer paparazzshe, but it’s definitely out of my price range :( And there’s no Mac store here. I’d say that they’re close enough that if you can’t get one you’ll do fine with the other.

  • Maddie

    Can you please a video about the E.L.F. primers, concealers, foundation, etc?

  • Ebonyamberjade

    They’re close but I like Firespot better

  • Purplelicious

    I love the Paparazzshe!!!!

  • Kaycie

    it is the exact same color! only the one is more intense than the other….u could probably build it up to the same or similar intensity and have the same color

  • Victoria loves xsparkage!

    What camera do you use? All the pictures are amazing!

    & I prefer papparazshe, so pigmented!

  • Nicole

    i think i prefer firespot, cause i think that would look better on me, papparazshe is a bit too bright orange for me

  • Xsparkage 4 lyf

    I love the colour of firespot but you have to say that paparazzshe is mush more bright and pigmented but if firespot was more bright and pigmented then that would definitely be my favourite