April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bunnycart Miss Katie

    I got “Dainty” in the mineralized blush. It’s so pretty! If you haven’t seen it, you should try it. I’m really fair like you and I wanted something warm and glowy for my cheeks. Works great as an eye shadow also.

  • Shaundra

    I’m concerned about fallout. What is that like?

    • Shannon

      I didn’t experience any with it… Just pay it on, don’t sweep and you should be ok.

      • Shannon

        I meant pat, not pay. :/

  • Ravenroche

    When you say “wet”, do you mean using mixing medium or water or both?

  • Shannon

    I picked up this shade and love it! Mineralize shadows can be iffy, most are gritty and don’t apply well, but occasionally you can get one that is buttery. This was one of those for me! First time I wore it I got so many compliments on my eye makeup… I liked and will definitely keep using it!

  • Meryl

    Is this limited edition? Or is this a part of the permanent collection?