MAC, Naturally Collection- Summer Haze Mineralized Eyeshadow

Four Mineralized Eyeshadows were introduced in the MAC, Naturally Collection that came out earlier this month. The one I have to show you in this post is called Summer Haze, But I just want to call it Jupiter :) It has shimmery beiges and strong, bronze veining, it reminds me so much of the big red giant! What do you think?

Also- apologies for the not-as-clear-as-usual photos in this post! I swear, sometimes pictures look super clear on my camera, and it isn’t until AFTER I upload them that I see they aren’t. Live and learn I guess!






See what I mean? Maybe? no? :D


And of course, the aftermath of just one swatch-


Bye Bye pretty veining!



This swatches to a warm, golden bronze shade. If you’ve never used Mineralized Eyeshadows before, they are definitely interesting. You can use them wet straight from the pot (if you did this to a normal eyeshadow it would create a hardened area that wouldn’t pick up color and would have to be scratched away to use the shadow underneath). I kinda have a love/hate relationship with mineralized shadows. They are really fun to look at and I always think there is so much potential because they are all unique looking, but the results when actually USING them are always.. meh. It’s pretty, yes, but it isn’t nearly as nice as it is when you buy it and it’s untouched. For the price, I don’t think this shade is really worth it unless you collect mineralized products, or you just loooooove bronzes.

Available for $20 from MAC.

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  1. Miss Katie says

    I got “Dainty” in the mineralized blush. It’s so pretty! If you haven’t seen it, you should try it. I’m really fair like you and I wanted something warm and glowy for my cheeks. Works great as an eye shadow also.

  2. Shaundra says

    I’m concerned about fallout. What is that like?

    1. Shannon says

      I didn’t experience any with it… Just pay it on, don’t sweep and you should be ok.

      1. Shannon says

        I meant pat, not pay. :/

  3. Ravenroche says

    When you say “wet”, do you mean using mixing medium or water or both?

  4. Shannon says

    I picked up this shade and love it! Mineralize shadows can be iffy, most are gritty and don’t apply well, but occasionally you can get one that is buttery. This was one of those for me! First time I wore it I got so many compliments on my eye makeup… I liked and will definitely keep using it!

  5. Meryl says

    Is this limited edition? Or is this a part of the permanent collection?

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