MAC Naturally Collection- Cloudy Afternoon Mineralized Eyeshadow

One of the Mineralized Eyeshadows to come out with the MAC, Naturally Collection is Cloudy Afternoon, a somewhat gray-brown shade, with a ~silver lining~ (har har) There are also specks of olive green and blues thrown in a s well. Read on to see more photos and swatches!



When swatched, this shadow turns into a light grayish taupe with a silver sheen overtop. The color would work well for a quick daytime look, but overall this shade falls flat with me. With these mineralized shadows selling for $20 each, I want something that has a little bit more life to it. If you’re a fan of mineralized eyeshadows in general, or like soft washes of color, this shade may appeal to you, but for me, it’s an easy pass.

Available for $20 from MAC.



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  1. Karen says

    It looks cool in the compact, but I think I would pass too…

  2. Sara says

    it’s a pitty, cause the colour in the pan look soooo pretty!

    1. Rinku says

      very good vid. maybe you can do a tutroial on monolids. cos that's what i have. smokey eye effect.

  3. Christine says

    I really like how it looks in the compact :)

  4. Nicole says

    i like the way it looks in the pan, but on the swatch i’m not really a fan of it..

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