MAC Jeanius Collection: Eyeshadows

Is there anything more enduring (besides love and heartbreak) than denim? Jeanius is a celebration of the journey – country cousin to haute couture – the whole world wanted to go on since America made it a national obsession. Since tooth-and-nail workwear jumped the pond in farmer’s overalls to gussy up in the glam of the great Paris couture houses…France may take the credit for creating it in 18th-century Nimes (de Nîmes = DeNim), but bright young American women took it higherM∙A∙C keeps up with a Jeanius collection of moody blues and indigo ink, the quantum of modern cool, with four new limited-life denimized Eye Shadows, along with NEW limited-life shades of Lipstick, Lipglass, Blush and Biker Blue & Frayed to Order Nail Lacquer. Like the faux-metal “snap” on the Eye Shadow…completely riveting.


Jeanius Beauty 72


Macjeanius 1White Jeanius: White with Silver Pearl

Macjeanius 2Diva in Distress: Mid-tone gray with silver pearl

Macjeanius 3Motorhead: Mid-tone dirty blue with copper pearl

Macjeanius 4Stovepipe Black: black with copper pearl

Macjeanius 5


The design on top of these is an overspray if you couldn’t tell, and is gone within the first swatch. My favorites out of these four are Stovepipe Black (which doesn’t fit it’s description at all, its more of a gunmetal gray with silver pearl to me) and Motorhead. Diva in Distress is on the flaky side, but I can see it working with a eyeliner or cream color base of a similar color. Because of the larger size on these, they are a bit more expensive than regular shadows ($19.50 vs $14.50) as well.

Available from MAC Cosmetics March 3.




  1. eRiN MacMahon says

    Am I mistaken or are those not very well pigmented … ?

    1. Minx says

      I agree, in recent years MAC has been watering down their products. I don’t buy MAC at all anymore.

  2. Vijaya says

    I think I want every one except Diva in Distress!

    1. Michael says

      yrbopoulog on January 14, 2010 thank you for this highly informational video! Do you have a website or blog where I can follow you?

  3. Liz says

    Motorhead looks just like Deep Truth. None of these colors are particularly unique.

  4. Manon says

    I don’t like these MAC colors at all.

  5. Shelle says

    i like the shimmery blue color…and possibly the other two but only cause i dont have any colors similar…what is the point of the copper pearl though, i dont understand its placement…

  6. Shelle says

    haha wtg shelle, shimmery blue (could i be more vague) the light shimmery blue…the second swatch.

  7. DarkGlamour17 says

    Why do you still but MAC shadows when you like Inglot more? (not trying to be rude I was just wondering.)

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