MAC Jeanius Collection: Biker Blue & Frayed to Order Nail Laquer

MacjeaniusnaillaquerFrayed To Order: White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl
Biker Chick: Black base with purple and blue pearl

Macjeaniusnaillaquer 1Frayed to Order

Macjeaniusnaillaquer 2Biker Chick

Macjeaniusnaillaquer 3Frayed to Order

Macjeaniusnaillaquer 6Biker Chick (my finger looks so smashed squishy here haha awkward ring finger pictures ftw)


First of all, I love, love love Frayed to Order. I have never seen a matte polish that has a pearl in it, definitely unique. Even though I know it’s matte, I really didn’t like the way it looked without a topcoat (shown above with one) It had a satin finish because of the pearl. That being said, I still really liked it.
Biker Chick is pretty, but not entirely unique. I wouldn’t have realized the base was black unless I read the product description, because it comes off as a dark blue.

These are available for $14 each from MAC Cosmetics on March 3rd.



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    • Leesha says:

      i didnt think it was at all, i thought it would be until it dried. once it dried it was even, and this is with two coats

  1. Rachael says:

    I love Frayed… but the problem is MAC polishes just dont last on real nails. I dont think it is worth $14 for that reason.

      • Rachael says:

        So true!! But everything is inflated these days. Its really a shame b/c some of these things just arent affordable (atleast to me). I am going to wait until IMATS NY and hopefully I can get somethings there for less $$$.

        • Leesha says:

          honestly i dont think mac does discounts at trade shows anymore, they just have pro product available :X dont quote me on that tho

  2. Erika says:

    i have to agree with Rachael up there, $14 is too much for me for a polish. I have a hard time buying OPI and i can get those for $11.

    Are these LE? I’m renewing my pro card this summer (i skipped a year) and would gladly buy them with the discount ;)

    • Kristabelle says:

      China Glaze makes a color like Frayed to Order…it’s called Rainbow (heck if I know why, it’s the same color) and a cheaper option :) Also looks awesome over black.

  3. Liz says:

    Frayed to Order looks just like Revlon Powder Puff except it has a bit more shimmer. Powder Puff is one of my fav. colors! I think it looks like buttercream frosting.

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