MAC In Extra Dimension Collection- Eyeshadows

The MAC In Extra Dimension Collection comes with some fancy pants eyeshadows! They have a different formula to them- all are a metallic finish and are nice and creamy. As you can see, they all have a  fun design on them, which is pretty until you actually use the shadow :) My favorite shade by FAR is Blue Orbit.. it’s such a unique shade! MAC is really good at bringing back the same shade over and over (Like Lunar.. I feel like I can  name 20 collections that had a variation of that dark blue, not to mention a permanent shade as well!) so it’s refreshing to see a more unique shade like this.


MAC Extra Demension Collection 18

MAC Extra Demension Collection 16

MAC Extra Demension Collection 19

Sweet Heat (Bright Peach Champagne)

MAC Extra Demension Collection 20

Young Venus (Pale White Pink)

MAC Extra Demension Collection 21

Modern Pewter (Dirty Olive Gold)


MAC Extra Demension Collection 23

Blue Orbit (Light Iridescent Purple)

MAC Extra Demension Collection 22

Lunar (Royal Blue)

MAC Extra Demension Collection 25

Sweet Heat, Young Venus, Modern Pewter

MAC Extra Demension Collection 26

Blue Orbit, Lunar

Available for $20 each from MAC Cosmetics.

Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.


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  • Oiuytr

    I’m confused? is this a review? While photos are nice there’s not much detail/info on the product!

    • xsparkage

      No, not a review. I have been really busy/stressed dealing with some things happening outside of the xsparkage realm, and because of that i havent had any time to post on here, so I figured photos and swatches without a detailed review was better than no posts at all!

  • Utilka

    I quite like the combo of the light pink and olive/pewter shade. What do you think? Or pink and light blue?

  • EmmyJean

    Blue Orbit is my fave as well!  :)  Although I really like the other two shades I bought, Modern Pewter and Young Venus.  

  • snowflake_01

    i think sweet heat looks nicer in the pan than it does swatched, but i really like young venus and blue orbit. My favourite has to be modern pewter, though <3

  • Zoe Clark

    I wouldn’t want to use them, the designs in the pan looks so pretty!

  • Mary Scalese

    Blue Orbit to me looks like Cornflower pigment…

  • Teri

    I have Modern Pewter myself, love it! The shades of this collection are so interesting and complex!

  • Mellissa Cameron

    lunar is really pretty love all the colours though

  • Mac Cosmetics Singapore

     Nice Collection. i loved the collection . i loved all the color.

  • simone

    i wish it was $20 in new zealand haha. its gonna be like $40ish here