MAC Heavenly Creature: Mineralized Products

Every year (or sometimes twice a year) MAC puts out a mineralized collection, full of blushes, skinfinishes, and eyeshadows that are in MAC’s mineralized formula- essentially packed powder that is baked on little terra-cotta plates to create a unique texture. Usually these have a fancy design on them that is different in every product- you might see a product on my blog, love it, go to MAC to pick it up, and it will have more or less of some of the colors in it.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of Mineralized products from MAC, especially the eyeshadows. They’re okay, they are definitely pretty, but I’ve always been “meh” about the application and the fact that if you want to use the colors separately, you’re gonna need a pretty small brush to get the shade you want without other colors mixing in. Granted, yes, the idea is that you mix all the colors together to create a new shade, in my opinion it ruins the appeal of the unique look of the product to begin with. You CAN use these wet, by the way (usually if you use pressed powder wet, it creates a sort of hard film over the shadow and ruins the area unless you scrape the wet part off. these won’t have that issue). Regardless of the application, wet or dry, I just never was a fan of these. For me personally, they don’t have great wear time and tend to fade away, and I have just never been into them.

In this post, I’ll have 2 blushes, 2 eyeshadows, and a skinfinish to show you. Enjoy!

MACheavenlyMACheavenlyMACheavenly Swatches- first three are shades individually swatched, farthest right is all mixed together.

Star Wonder Mineralized Skinfinish: Plummy Pink with Multidimensional Pearl. I love how this looks with everything blended together. Definitely on the cooler side, but the middle gold shade does warm it up a bit.



MACheavenlyMACheavenlyMACheavenlySwatches- first two are shades individually swatched, farthest right is mixed together.

Supernova: Magenta and burnished gold melange. knowing me, I’m more likely to use this as an eyeshadow than a blush. DAT PINKKK!! love it. mixed is more corally, I feel I would need a LIGHT hand to use this as a blush on myself!



MACheavenlyMACheavenlyMACheavenlySwatches- first two are each shade individually swatched, farthest right is mixed together.

Ring of Saturn: Terracotta and Gold Melange. Again, not seeing this as a blush I would wear, but the mixed shade is AMAZING. I will use that as an eyeshadow, that will look really pretty with blue eyes!! Reminds me a bit of Melon Pigment :)



MACheavenlyMACheavenlyMACheavenlySwatches- first three are each shade individually swatched, farthest right is mixed together.

Universal Appeal: Gold, Bronze, and Violet Melange. Interesting name, as I really hate the final mixed shade haha. Its such a strange color, isn’t it?? I’m not a big fan of this one!



MACheavenlyMACheavenlyMACheavenlySwatches- first three are each shade individually swatched, farthest right is mixed together.

Sky: Green, Gold, Turquoise, and Colbat Melange. You couldn’t separate the green and gold shades if you tried.. I actually thought it was one color until I read the product description! I love love this shade mixed. It reminds me of Parrot Eyeshadow from way back when! Also, I just love this color in the pot. It looks like if the earth had a huuuge whirlpool :)


Available from MAC Cosmetics:

Mineralized Skinfinishes $29.00 Each

Mineralized Blushes $23.50 Each

Mineralized Eyeshadows $20 Each




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  1. brelki says

    Wow. I didn’t think I was going to get anything from this collection, but now I feel I *NEED* Star Wonder. Gorgeous!  Thank you so much for the lovely swatches, as usual! :)

  2. Anna says

    I’ve seen Sky swatched on only one other blog and it looks so different from yours, but yours makes me seriously think whether I should get it or not.. I love how it looks in the pan

  3. styt says

    omg they all look absoloutely amazing!!

  4. Valerie39 says


  5. Phyrra says

    These looks so amazing in the pan!

  6. Jess says

    Maybe we can see a Make-up tutorial based on these prouducts???

  7. Whitney says

    I need sky and ring of saturn! Maybe supernova too! I have never really liked these before but for some reason those colors speak to me (:

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