MAC Hayley Williams Collection

The newest collection from MAC is Hayley Williams, a collection designed by the Paramore lead singer herself! The shades are bright and vivid (like her hair!) and also include one of the most popular skinfinishes MAC has made. Check it out!


Machayleywilliams 16Machayleywilliams 14Sounds like Noise LipstickMachayleywilliams 15Sounds like Noise LipstickMachayleywilliams 13Sounds like Noise LipstickMachayleywilliams 12Sounds like Noise Lipstick
Sounds Like Noise is a vivid matte orange. It’s a full on matte, so make sure your lips are nice and smooth and moisturized before applying or it will not be flattering! 

Machayleywilliams 11 Riot Gear Nail PolishMachayleywilliams 10Riot Gear Nail PolishMachayleywilliams 9Riot Gear Nail Polish
Riot Gear is a creamy bright orange. This applied a little streaky. It was opaque in two coats, but I applied three to smooth it out. 

Machayleywilliams 8 Daydreaming EyeshadowMachayleywilliams 7Daydreaming EyeshadowMachayleywilliams 6Daydreaming EyeshadowMachayleywilliams 5Daydreaming Eyeshadow
Daydreaming is a mid-tone coral veluxe pearl. It’s super pigmented, although I wish this was more orangey like the lipstick and polish!  

Machayleywilliams 4 Lightscapade Mineralized SkinfinishMachayleywilliams 3Lightscapade Mineralized SkinfinishMachayleywilliams 2Lightscapade Mineralized SkinfinishMachayleywilliams 1Lightscapade Mineralized Skinfinish
Lightscapade is a gorrrrgeous beige shimmer highlight. This was soooo popular when it first came out years ago, and has been a coveted item every since. If you get one thing from this collection, make it this!!

I love that Hayley brought her flair to this collection (as well as insisted that Lightscapade get added!) and how bright everything is. If you’re a fan of Hayley or orangey shades, this is worth checking out.

Lipstick: $15
Nail Polish: $16
Eyeshadow: $15
Mineralized Skinfinish: $29

Available exclusively on MAC Cosmetics Online. 


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Hayley G says:

    Also being named Hayley and a HUGE fan of orange/coral, I’m loving this and pretending that I actually designed it all.

  2. turfthesmurf says:

    Yay I love that you did this! I haven’t bought anything from MAC in sooooooo long until today when this line released. Paramore is my all time favorite band, and I adore Hayley Williams so of course I was going to buy it. Really wish they would have played up the packaging though to make it a little more special… Oh well :)

  3. Liz Nunn says:

    I wish it were more inspired by the stuff she wears.. she and Skye Sweetnam are the two people who got me into makeup. But I’ll probably get the lipstick if nothing else. Just cause. :)

  4. alisha says:

    Last time I was at the counter a MUA told me Lightscapade was perm. Is this true? I want it but was going to wait b/c of all the collections dropping.

  5. stream27 says:

    Would have pictured Hayley as more of a UD girl xD Love her, but probably won’t be picking up anything. Might have if there was some special packaging , but everything looks pretty dupeable with cheaper brands.

  6. Alice Wonderbra says:

    How does Daydreaming compare to Arabian Sunset in the Sephora Jasmine palette? Do you know of any similar dupes? I think the colour looks gorgeous but I’m not sure if I should get it or not, I might already “have” it.

  7. Punk-el-izzy says:

    I have to say that for me after a few months of having it, im kinda disappointed at how easily Riot Gear chips even after two/three coats :/

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