MAC Hayley Williams Collection Video & Look!

Yesterday I posted a review of the Hayley William Collection from MAC, and I also filmed a tutorial/review for it, but Final Cut Pro once again ruined my life by adding a bunch of green flashes throughout the video. I know how to fix it now (i knew before but I guess I was too impatient) Buuuut thats okay! You get it now :) 

Here are pictures of the look, enjoy!



Machayleywilliamslook 2Machayleywilliamslook 1Machayleywilliamslook 3Machayleywilliamslook 5Machayleywilliamslook 4

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Daydreaming Eyeshadow
Inglot #08 Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Liquid Liner 
Urban Decay Chaos 24/7 Eyepencil
Bobby Brown Gel Fluidliner (applied with eye pencil)
Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Rimmel Pink Rose Blush
MAC Lightscapade Skinfinish

MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick
Inglot #545 AMC Lip Gloss 



  1. Caitlin Bryer says

    Caved and got the lipstick and skin finish. Haven’t gotten MAC in a long time. Though I will also have to use a lipgloss as I have dry lips but it was just to gorgeous to pass up.

  2. cindy says

    That lip color is sooo pretty on you. Ireally love the color of the eyeshadow Daydream, I’m not sure if it will look nice on me thow.Can you return items you dont like bk to Mac?

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