MAC Flighty Zoom Lash Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Flighty Collection includes 4 colored shades of MAC’s famous Zoom Lash Mascara, including a gray, blue, purple, and green. Below I will review the Gray (High Esteem), and the Green (Green is Green)


flightlyzoomGreen is Green, High Esteem

flightlyzoomGreen is Green, High Esteem

flightlyzoomGreen is Green, High Esteem

flightlyzoomGreen is Green, High Esteem


flightlymascaraPlain Lashes

flightlyzoomGreen is Green (Uncurled, unprimed lashes)

flightlyzoomHigh Esteem (Uncurled, unprimed lashes)


I find that I am constantly jumping to new and different mascaras to find different results. I’ll love one, then find a new one and immediately forget about the old. Zoom Lash is a mascara I am sure I have used many times in the past, but when I tried out these mascaras today, I found my self thinking “WHY don’t I own and use this mascara all the time!?” Zoom Lash gave my lashes great length and curl. *edit* i said before that this separated my lashes nicely, but apparently I hadn’t slept or something. This mascara is supposed to make your lashes thick, my bad!

As for the colored aspect, I was actually surprised that I really liked both, especially the jade green. Generally I love the idea of colored mascara, but find its a bit difficult to pull off without looking out of place. I felt like the green actually enhanced my blue eyes, and since it isn’t a super bright green it’s able to be fun and different but not enough to cause people to turn heads- in a bad way. High Esteem, the mid-tone gray, worked as a softer black for me. Up close you can tell that it isn’t full-on black, but from farther away it just gives a bit of a softer look than full on black.


These are available for $14 each May 5th from Mac Cosmetics.



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  1. Skarlette says:

    Is it just me or do they look really clumpy? Perhaps Leesha was just applying them quickly, or they look a bit different from not so closely zoomed in… but I dunno, I feel a bit ambivalent. I don’t think I would buy them based on these pictures… though the colours are quite pretty…

    Hopefully Leesha will use them in a look and we can see them with eyeshadows, see how they go together.

    • Ohai says:

      I thought so too… surprised she said they separated the lashes when, from the pictures, you can count how many are stuck together in each clump…

    • chelsea says:

      i was thinking the same thing, im soooo suprised she likes them because she usually hates spider lashes but thats how they’re looking to me.
      the green one especially looks clumpy.

  2. Amby says:

    i agree with Skarlette they look really clumpy. I like the length and color but I’m definitely not into the clumpy look.

  3. Vijaya says:

    I was looking to get my hands on one of each color, but I’m not sure I’d remember to wear them (I never remember mascara in the first place).

  4. lala says:

    they look really chunky and clumpy i cant say if they looked like that i would wear them at all! but if you like them i guess. it looks like them nasty spider lashes

  5. mina says:

    its reveiws like this that loses validity for me, she said she hated clumpy lashes and that pic is definatly ugly clumpy lashes but he said she loved these. makes a person wonder about how honest she is about saying she dosnt get paid to do good reviews for crappy products.

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