MAC Fashion Flower Eyeshadows: Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC’s Fashion Flower collection includes Six Eyeshadows ranging from a frosty white-yellow to a dark, metallic green, and have a beautiful flower print appropriately pressed on the top of each shadow.



macfashionfloweresFresh Daisy


macfashionfloweresFree to Be

macfashionfloweresLucky Green


macfashionfloweresBows & Curtseys

macfashionfloweresFresh Daisy, Aqua, Free to Be, Lucky Green, Groundcover, Bows & Curtseys (On top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance)


I think the print on top of these shadows is adorable, but it makes me not want to use them! when I watched these I was super delicate so the print wouldn’t go away haha :) Overall these shadows had nice color payoff. I know that Aqua is a Permanent Pro color, and I believe Lucky Green is permanent in the regular line, and I think I was told that Free to Be is a repromote. Lucky Green is a great color to have (I remember way back when, Lucky Green was HUGELY sought out after and was really valuable! Oh, how times change)

These are available for $14.50 each April 28 from MAC Cosmetics.



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  1. Katt! says:

    These shadows are so cute. The print on them would make me not want to use them either >.< They should come up with some magical way to make it go like allll the way threw.

  2. Chiara says:

    Love free to be and lucky green….. <3 but as you said the print on the top makes me not use them :D Wait for this collection to be available also in Italy!!!!

  3. Rachael says:

    I actually love all the colors which is odd b/c I have not been liking MAC recently. Now Im in trouble… I want all of them. Thanks Leesha!!! haha. Im kidding! Thanks for the review. I am super excited about these.

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