MAC Double Feature Collection- Duos 5, 7, and 8

Part 2 of the Double Feature Collection review! I have Duos #5, 7, and 8 to share.



Double Feature 5: A creamy frosty milky pink and a warm brown frost with a green duo chrome. The shadow photos look lighter than the brown actually is, and makes it appear more gray.



Double Feature 7: Frosty Blue-based pink with a blue-violet shimmer, and a frost based charcoal. The pink in this duo is AWESOME, super bright and fun! The charcoal is pretty decent as well, but the pink is really the stand out color!




Double Feature 8: Frosty coral and a slate gray-blue frost. The coral has okay color payoff, but the blue-gray’s pigmentation is pretty weak. Of these three, this is my least favorite.

As I said in the first part of this review, these are $25 each, which is kind of expensive if you don’t love both colors. I think Double Feature 7 is my favorite, as that pink is really fun and I think the colors used together would create an awesome smokey pink look :)

Click here for a review of Double Features 1, 2, & 3!

These are available from MAC Cosmetics August 4th (and are already available from Nordstrom).




  1. Elana says

    #7 & 8 remind me of the best colours from each of the two Hello Kitty quads…

  2. Rachel says

    Whoa! I did NOT expect that brown to look like that. Icky.

    1. fio says

      #5 brown really doesn’t look like that, is darker when you apply it,
      check MAKEUP BY TIFFANY D on youtube she has a makeup tutorial with that really nice :)

  3. Stargirl says

    The brown green duochrome reminds me of Two Faced Label Whore! Love love love the second combo!

    1. fio says

      yes! also reminds me to FOOLS GOLD from Bodyography and LOUNGE from Urban Decay

  4. Janalyn says

    Looooove that bright pink color!! So pretty!!

  5. Christie says

    definitely getting number 7 and 2! :)

  6. Liz says

    What colors do you think they’re similar to?

    I immediately thought of club with the brown one in #5. Or maybe green brown pigment but more brown. It does remind me of the Too Faced shadow like Stargirl mentioned.

    The pink in #7 is so pretty but I feel like I’ve seen it before from MAC.

    The pink in 5 or the grey in 7 don’t look particularly special. Neither does #8.

    I really like the pink but I can’t justify the cost when I’m 99.9% sure I’ve seen it or something similar enough cheaper.

    I think it would be nice if you could include other products that are similar in your reviews. Like: it’s really pretty and unique, but it looks a lot like this color from this brand. Unless that would stop the free products, then I fully understand.

    1. TheMagpie says

      Whoa, I totally thought the green-brown duo in 4 was Club as well! Club is on my ‘need to get’ list. I actually like Duo 4, I think the pink is really pretty and as before, the brown reminiscent of Club which I really like.

      I like the pink and charcoal in Duo 5 (how are all these Double Feature duos so blatantly mislabeled? They should go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!) but the pink reminds me of Sugarpill’s Dollipop, though perhaps frostier with the blue-based tinge to it.

      1. fio says

        Love the swatches THANKS, I think #5 dark tone is just SIMILAR TO CLUB because club is darker and more green (is less redish) but love both anyways!

  7. Courtney says


  8. RoziieeB says

    Double Feature 7 is DEFINITELY my favorite. Personally I think pink and black look fantastic together. (: That pink is so vibrant OMG. :D

  9. buntewollsocke says

    I’ve got the 1st combo but I’d like to have a few more. That one with that bright pink is so amazing! I need my boyfriend to pick it up for my birthday or buy it on my own.

  10. Amelia says

    Thank you for the swatches! They are really helpful! :)

  11. DecemberRose says

    Inexpensive dupes!!!

    FYI, for you guys and girls like me who are on a budget, Wet N Wild makes dupes for a few of these. Also, the color payoff and texture is fab! The dupe for the hot pink with blue-violet flash is in the “Spoiled Brat” trio. The dupe for the pale frosty pink is in the “Silent Treatment” trio. And the dupe for the red brown with a green flash is in one of the Limited Edition holiday palettes (Night Elf I believe is the name). It’s very, very similar to club, but slightly more red (though if you layer it over a black base, it looks less red and the green flash shows up more). Just google swatches of the WnW shadows if you’d like to compare for yourself.

    Also, I found today that there are colors very similar to the red brown and hot pink in the Coastal Scents Metal Mania palette.

    Hope this helped some of you :)

  12. Kimme says

    I love the Double feature 7 the pink is awesome. One thing about the both colors is when you blend the black with pink it turns to a nice shade of purple. I didnt fancy that because even though its pretty I still wanted to have that smokey black look. When are you going to do a tutorial with each? I especially want to see one on Double feature 8 ;0)

  13. Mary says


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