MAC Diva in Distress Eyeshadow



Divaindistress 1


If you couldn’t tell, the top design is just an overspray and once you swatch it once it’s gone. This color seemed a bit flaky when I was swatching it, but nothing terrible. I think this color would work best over a sticky base like MAC Cream Color Base or a NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil.

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  • Rachael

    I dont really like that… not impressed. Maybe after you use it in one of your tutorials I will think different.

    • Aude Mai

      I agree Rachael.

  • Jen

    This isn’t looking incredible to me… Good thing because I need to save money.

  • Vijaya

    That looks like it has NO pigmentation.

  • Kelly

    A bit dissappointing… the colour is really sheer…

  • Tamsin

    the colour doesn’t really live up to it’s name and the overspray looks a bit rubbish.. but the colour’s quite pretty :)