April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Hannah Marie

    Little disappointed, seem to be more peachy and pinky than anything :( Still look great but would prefer more orange! xx

  • Rachele

    I have heard about other people talking about this collection and I thought it was something that I wouldn’t like, but looking at your photos I am blown away. I agree that nothing is really ‘orange’ but I don’t really mind since orange isn’t my favorite color. I normally don’t buy stuff from the collections but that Razzle-Dazzler lipstick needs to be mine. Thanks as always for the amazing photos!


  • Sarah

    I want both Razzle-Dazzler and Flamingo, but I’ve been putting off buying them because they’re a little expensive for me. Someday…


  • PinMeUp

    Aren’t these the same products that Hayley Williams wore in “her” MAC collection ?

    • Shelbi Jeane Forgey

      Her lipstick and nail color is more orange, and her eyeshadow and blush were two completely different colors.