MAC Chen Man Collection- Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos

The new MAC Collection, Chen Man, comes with three mineralized eyeshadow duos in shades of pink, purple, and blue. They remind me of yin & yang signs, and I’m sure that’s no coincidence! :) Check out swatches and macro shots below!


macchenmanesSupersweet Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo

macchenmanesSupersweet Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo

macchenmanesPink Union Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo

macchenmanesPink Union Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo


macchenmanesLove Cycle Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo

macchenmanesLove Cycle Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo

macchenmanesSupersweet Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo

macchenmanesPink Union Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo, Love Cycle Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo

Mineralized Eyeshadows have never really been my favorite product MAC has to offer, so when I saw these my initial reaction was “didn’t this product JUST come out?!” Each of these seems to be one solid shade, and one mixed, fun-to-look-at-in-the-pan-but-nothing-special-swatched shade. I like the fun twist design these have, but formula wise, like i said earlier these are not my favorite. If you’re a mineralized eyeshadow fan, then you’ll most likely be a fan of these. I feel like I’ve seen the dark blue shade in Love Cycle at least twice before in mineralized eyeshadow duos, but maybe that’s just me?
Overall, I like Supersweet duo best, along with the light blue in the Love Cycle duo. Pink union comes off a lot sheerer than it looks, especially the purple. I think the the biggest reason I like these products is because the MAC website has to take actual product photos instead of just filling in a base photo with a computer generated swatch color :)
Available for $20 each from MAC Cosmetics.



  1. Keekers says

    Love cycle looks just like sea and sky,and pink union looks a lot like odd couple,do they not?

    1. Serena says

      Yeah, I was just going to say that I’ve seen all three of these exact color combos before in past Mineralize collections!

      1. Keekers says

        I was excited to try again with the blue,but if its the same as in sea and sky,which it looks like it is its REALLY hard for me to work with/blend out.almost like its too big particles or something and it blends out into dirt :(

    2. Anitacska says

      Pink Union’s marble side is NOT the same as Odd Couple, it’s more purple and has no copper in it.

      1. Keekers says

        Ill probably get that one,if son knocked my odd couple pan into crumbly bits,and the purple is the perfect shade for my brows with my pink or purple hair :)

  2. Stacie says

    Meh, I’m just so over MAC I just keep finding reasons why I hate everything.

    1. Ana says

      As much as it pains me, I agree. =/

    2. Alex says

      Agreed, the LE collections used to be special, now they crank out 4 or 5 per season, prices have shot up while packaging and amount of product becomes smaller. There are better indy brands out there-way more product with variety and and colour payoff. And they’re cruelty-free. But Lime Crime isn’t on that list-repackaged, redistributed micas from TKB. Google Lime Crime and Repackaging to see. Plus it’s more expensive than MAC!
      But generally, MAC has just been on a downwards spiral. Even the brushes-the Sephora Professionel brushes from their own collection are cheaper and of equal or better quality, I adore mine.

  3. Steph says

    Yin and Yang…. Just saying
    Pretty colors though

  4. oysterblues says

    Well too bad I don’t need another sea and sky.

  5. Nicole says

    i like them, but i’m not in love i guess..

  6. Monica says


    Weren’t you doing the 30 day shred or something like that? Did you finish and how were your results? :)

  7. Lori says

    i am amazed mac keeps sending you free stuff when sometimes they don’t get the best reviews..has anyone stopped sending you items before because you were honest?? :)

  8. Nina says

    I’m pretty sure I have the pink/brown duo and the purple/pinky duo already, I got them at LEAST 2 years ago from another MAC collection.. They’re something I wouldn’t rebuy, since I already have them?

  9. Valerie says

    Why did you remove your District 5 tutorial? :(
    It was beautiful, I love the look you created for it.
    Please put it back up <3

    1. Danijela says

      I loved it too. The lightning bolts under your eyes were awesam. The eye makeup stunning.

      X Danijela from Sweden

  10. Megan says

    Maybelline has mineralized shadow duos with nearly the exact same colors at half, if not more than half the price. I have a few of them and I like them just fine. Some of them aren’t super pigmented but some Mac eyesahdows aren’t very pigmented either. Just saying, this is totally something you can get easily from another source.

  11. Misato-san says

    I loved Love Cycle. A MAC mua tried it on me at the Shop Shop Cook Cook event (here in Italy we had six collection released on the same day!) and I fell in love…

  12. valerie says

    noy a fan of mineralized shadows but these look pretty

  13. Bstratton88 says

    I used to not like MAC’s mineralized shadows, but once I started using them properly I love them! I wet my brush with fix+ if I am wanting more color pay off. You can also wet the product directly in the pan since it is a baked product. But what I like the most is how easy they are to blend. When a client tells me they have a hard time working with shadows and blending them I suggest these because I feel like they are fool proof. That’s just my opinion! Just because something doesnt show up exactly like it is in the pan on your skin doesnt mean it isn’t a good product. :)

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