MAC Bronze Everyday Lustre Drops: Photos, Swatches

MAC Lustre Drops are basically a liquid highlighter that gives the skin a luminous glow. This collection has brought two shades- a golden pink and a peachy bronze to help brighten up your complexion.

In This Post:

  • Pink Rebel ($19.50): Blue Pink with Gold Pearl
  • Sun Rush ($19.50): Peachy Bronze with Gold Pearl


maclustredropsPink Rebel, Sun Rush

maclustredropsPink Rebel, Sun Rush

maclustredropsPink Rebel, Sun Rush

maclustredropsPink Rebel, Sun Rush (Blended into skin on bottom)


MAC’s Lustre Drops have a similar purpose to Benefit High Beam and Moon Beam, although the packaging and colors are different. Both are used to be a liquid highlighter for the skin, and are an easy way to give your skin some life, as sometimes wearing too much foundation or powder can give your face a flat, dull presence. When using these, I would apply them either before or after liquid foundation (Before would give a sort of glow-from-within look, after a more obvious shimmer) and then set lightly with a translucent powder, as to not totally cover the glow.

These will be in the MAC permanent line starting April 7.




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    • Leesha says:

      i’ve never tried moon beam, but i know that high-beam has more of a silver pearl, where pink rebel has more of a golden pearl. also, high/moon beam is a bit thicker than these consistency-wise. other than that theyre really similar, so it’d come down to price and the amount you get.

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love the way these look, but I have fair skin with pink undertones. I didn’t know if it would be silly to put a pink-toned product on me? Or the other one would be too dark? What do you think?

  2. Ishah says:

    Looks kind of like those acrylic paint containers lol. I like that they are easy to dispense and you don’t need much to get a great amount of glow :)

  3. José says:

    These are really awesome and easy to use. How much are you supposed to use though cos the bottle is so tiny and i don’t wanna run it out quickly…

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