MAC Art of The Eye Collection

MAC Art of the Eye Collection focuses on creating eye looks ranging from sultry smokey to bright and bold. 

Here are swatches and a video review on my thought of this collection!



Macartofeye 27Macartofeye 20

Rimal Dahabia Eyeshadow Quad

Macartofeye 19Rimal Dahabia Eyeshadow Quad- Shroom

Macartofeye 18Rimal Dahabia Eyeshadow Quad- Soft BrownMacartofeye 17Rimal Dahabia Eyeshadow Quad- Beauty BurstMacartofeye 16Rimal Dahabia Eyeshadow Quad- Najm el LailMacartofeye 8Rimal Dahabia Eyeshadow Quad- Shroom, Soft Brown, Beauty Burst, Najm el Lail

Rimal Dahabia Palette is a surprisingly my favorite thing here (surprising only because for my tastes its on the neutral side, especially when the individual shadows are so freaking bright!) This is a pretty warm palette for the most part and works well to create low-key looks or intense smokey looks, but also pairs well with brighter shades to give an entirely different vibe. 

Macartofeye 26Parrot EyeshadowMacartofeye 25Parrot EyeshadowMacartofeye 11Parrot Eyeshadow

Parrot is such a cool color I feel like everyone should have. Gorgeous aqua blue with green shimmer. 

Macartofeye 24Gameela EyeshadowMacartofeye 23Gameela EyeshadowMacartofeye 10Gameela Eyeshadow

Gameela is an intense hot pink matte. This shade is SUPER pigmented and blends beautifully.

Macartofeye 22Banafsaji EyeshadowMacartofeye 21Banafsaji EyeshadowMacartofeye 9Banafsaji Eyeshadow

Benafsaji is a dark purple with a bluish shimmer. It’s a really interesting and unique color.

Macartofeye 14Chromagraphic Pencils- Hi-Def Cyan, Landscape GreenMacartofeye 7Chromagraphic Pencils- Hi-Def Cyan, Landscape Green

Hi-Def Cyan is a badass bright blue that is UHHMAYYYZING on the waterline!
Landscape Green is a bright, grassy green. Both have a super creamy texture and apply smooth and pigmented. 

Macartofeye 12Reflects Antique Gold GlitterMacartofeye 4Reflects Antique Gold Glitter

Reflects Antique Gold Glitter is a dark brown with gold reflects. It’s the perfect way to take a smokey eye to the next level.

Macartofeye 2Sama Opulash MascaraMacartofeye 1Sama Opulash Mascara

Sama Opulash Mascara is a cobalt blue that’s dark enough to not look crazy but still bright enough to give a really neat look to the lashes. The formula is great- separates and lengthens without weighing the lashes down.


Rimal Dahbia Quad: $40
Single Eyeshadows: $15 each
Chromagraphic Pencils: $16 each
Reflects Glitter: $21
Opulash Mascara: $16 

Available from MAC Cosmetics.


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  1. Jen says

    Wasn’t thinking I really wanted anything but that green pencil is looking miiiighty fine to me.

  2. Chrissy says

    A lot of those colors look wearable, which isn’t what I was expecting. I totally agree with Jen, that green pencil is GORGEOUS. I might just have to check these out.

    Which is your favorite piece?

    -Chrissy of

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