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MAC Archie’s Girls: Betty Collection Master Post

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To make it easier, I decided to split the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection in to two groups- The Betty Collection and The Veronica Collection. Here are the links to check out different pieces of the collections (so you don’t need to wait for a ton of pictures to load!)

ArchieGirls 1


  • Eye Products
    Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Quad
    Cheers My Dear Pigment
    Lucky In Love Pigment
    Black Swan Pearlglide Eyeliner
    Lord In Love Pearlglide Eyeliner
    Betty Opulash Mascara
  • Cheek Products
    Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder
    Cream Soda Blush
  • Lip Products
    Betty Bright Lipstick
    Girl Next Door Lipstick
    Kiss and Don’t Tell Lipglass
    Stay Sweet LIpglass
    Summer Sweetheart Lipglass
  • Nail Products
    Cosmic Cute Nail Varnish
    Pep Pep Pep Nail Varnish


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1 Comment

  1. erin

    February 26, 2013 at 12:10 am

    the lucky in love pigment reminds me alot of the old urban decay aquarius shadow

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