MAC Archie’s Girls: Betty Collection Lip Products

Archie’s Girls Betty Collection comes with three lipsticks and lipglasses. I have 5/6 to share with you here! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Archie’s Girls collection and Reviews!


ArchieGirls 145ArchieGirls 152 Betty Bright LipstickArchieGirls 153 Betty Bright LipstickArchieGirls 154 Betty Bright LipstickArchieGirls 155 Betty Bright LipstickArchieGirls 146 Girl Next Door LipstickArchieGirls 147 Girl Next Door Lipstick ArchieGirls 148 Girl Next Door LipstickArchieGirls 149 Girl Next Door LipstickArchieGirls 177 Kiss and Don’t Tell LipglassArchieGirls 176 Kiss and Don’t Tell LipglassArchieGirls 179 Kiss and Don’t Tell LipglassArchieGirls 180 Kiss and Don’t Tell LipglassArchieGirls 166 Stay Sweet LipglassArchieGirls 167 Stay Sweet LipglassArchieGirls 169 Stay Sweet LipglassArchieGirls 170 Stay Sweet LipglassArchieGirls 171 Summer Sweetheart LipglassArchieGirls 172 Summer Sweetheart LipglassArchieGirls 174 Summer Sweetheart LipglassArchieGirls 175 Summer Sweetheart Lipglass


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