Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment Review [Video]

I haven’t bought anything from Lush in a looooong time, but I have been curious about this specific product for quite awhile now. This is a hair treatment meant specifically for blonde hair, and it is supposed to brighten, soften, and make your hair super shiny. It’s also a prewash treatment, so you apply it to dry hair before you shower, which is pretty different from most hair treatments. Watch the video below to see my thoughts!


lush marilyn


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  1. sydney godsey says

    I picked this up for my mom and now shes is hooked!
    Great video :)

  2. Leanne Webber says

    Looks amazing!

    I’m absolutely loving Lush at the moment especially for their face masks and hair treatment!

    nailsandteapots xx

  3. shpeksyy says

    I have really long hair, and I’m using this treatment, and I’m putting it just on half of my hair and work a bit with it to the ends of my hair, so it’s enough for me to use it for about 6 times. I don’t like how it smells, but I love how it leaves hair fluffy.

  4. Amy Lovegrove says

    I love lush! I have a similar hair treatment from them which I love! I might just have to try this one out next!

  5. Krystal McClenny says

    Dang it I just went to Lush yesterday and only got bath bombs and a face mask. Wish I would have seen this!

  6. kristi says

    i always stop in the lush store at the mall to smell their stuff, but i never buy anything because they use an awful lot of nasty chemicals. most of their bath bombs and products that suds up have sodium laureth sulfate as the THIRD ingredient. many of their products also contain large amounts of propylene glycol. wish they would tweak their ingredients; i would be much more inclined to buy if they would nix the harsh chemicals.

  7. Vivian says

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