Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask Review

Last week I went to my Local Lush and sort of binged on their Fresh Face Masks.. I bought 5! :X This isn’t a practice I would normally do, nor do I recommend to the average customer, as their Fresh Face Masks (or FFM as I will call them for the rest of this review) are just that- FRESH, they need to be refrigerated and are only good for about 2 weeks after purchasing them (this is why you won’t find them on their website, only in real stores!) The reason I bought 5 is because I wanted to review them, and to be honest I wanted an excuse to try a good portion of them out, as I usually just stick to my favorites (Love Lettuce and Cupcake!)

Since the first time I tried it, Love Lettuce has been one of my favorite masks from Lush! It’s cooling, soothing, exfoliating, and softening.





As I’ve said before, I love that these need to be refrigerated because they feel super nice when you put them on your face :) I applied Love Lettuce to a freshly cleaned face and left it on for 10 minutes. This mask does dry and tighten on your face just a little bit while you leave it on, but not to the point where you feel like you can’t talk!

After the 10 minutes of leaving this on, I washed it off with warm water. I recommend washing it off section by section on your face, moving your fingers in a circular motion to take off the mask, as it has lots of little almond pieces that get all over if you wash it off how you might normally wash off a cleanser or mask.


Once removed, my face felt super smooth and I actually noticed that it took away quite a bit of redness from my face! My face looked and felt brighter and refreshed. I will mention though, after removing the mask and drying my face, my skin did feel a little tight, like I needed a light moisturizer.

This mask would be amazing for combo/oily skin, along with skin that has redness or breakouts! You can get it for $5.95 at your local Lush.

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  • Savannah

    What does it smell like?

    • leesha

      to me it smells like a fresh, earthy scent and lavender. its a very soft, subtle scent :)

      • Claudia

        sorry to barge in – but I would definitely not call that scent subtle, lol. I’m usually not very picky but the strong smell repulsed me so much that I couldn’t bear to leave the mask on :(
        if the smell matters to you, you should try it in the store before buying it!

        • Leesha

          wow really? i mean it has a “green” smell but i dont think its that strong! i even just rechecked how it smelled hah

  • Shilo Cupples

    A facial party would a fun way to get rid of as much of the product as possible before it spoils. :)

  • Deirdre

    I just used this one for the first time last night! I gave my bff facials and we both ended with this mask and I noticed such a difference on both her skin and mine afterward! LOVE IT!

  • xasperadastra

    yay this is mine! wow 5,95 $ is nothing compared to 8 euro here in italy…. it’s the triple of the price!!! but as said before I always take them for free!

  • Deb

    Super love Lush BB seaweed mask! Great for girls of all ages! Try it!

  • CupcakeCartel

    This stuff sounds amazing!! I’ll definitely have to check it out!! Thanks for the info!!

    XOXO, CC

  • kacibrianna

    I wish I knew of a LUSH store near where I live, which is in the middle of nowhere. Better yet, I wish there was any decent health/beauty store near where I live. All I’ve got is Walmart, Sally’s, and random grocery stores. >_<

  • Rikke

    it costs about 12-13 dollars for the same amount of product in Lush in Norway .. BOO :(

  • Heather

    This is one of my favourite Lush masks of all time.
    BE SURE TO BRING THE CONTAINERS BACK (5 at a time) and you will be able to get a free mask, how awesome is that?

  • Dreams That Glitterxoxo

    My absolute favourite lush face mask of all time! Amazing :).


  • Brooke

    Wet your Clarisonic and use that to take it off for an extra round of exfoliationnnnn. MmMM I cannot live without Love Lettuce!

  • Merje

    Finally something that I can find in Estonia too. :D

  • Jasemin

    No qsuetoin this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

  • gabby

    i have tried both cupcake and this one, and I love love lettuce! my skin is super sensitive usually, but love lettuce didn’t irritate and leaves my face super smooth. it also helps with my breakouts too! i love it!