Lush Fresh Face Mask: BB Seaweed

Last week I went to my Local Lush and sort of binged on their Fresh Face Masks.. I bought 5! :X This isn’t a practice I would normally do, nor do I recommend to the average customer, as their Fresh Face Masks (or FFM as I will call them for the rest of this review) are just that- FRESH, they need to be refrigerated and are only good for about 2 weeks after purchasing them (this is why you won’t find them on their website, only in real stores!) The reason I bought 5 is because I wanted to review them, and to be honest I wanted an excuse to try a good portion of them out, as I usually just stick to my favorites (Love Lettuce and Cupcake!)


Next FFM on the list is one I had never tried before- BB Seaweed! This mask is described as “a great mask for everyone” and includes a lot of ingredients that keep that claim, some of which are seaweed- which has loads of nutrients, honey- which is an antiseptic and is great for breakouts, and aloe vera- super calming, as we all know!






For this mask, like pretty much all the other Lush FFMs, you apply it to clean, dried skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes. This mask was a little odd to apply simply because the texture of it is weird because of the big seaweed pieces inside. I found at least once or twice a few big pieces of seaweed fell off my face before I was able to smooth the mask onto my skin.



Of all the FFMs I tried, this one was the hardest to wash off. It dried clear, other than the seaweed bits, and took a bit more effort and warmer water to completely rinse off. It wasn’t HORRIBLY difficult to rinse off or anything, just a little more than the other masks. Once all clean and dried, my skin felt super soft and red marks were less noticeable. I totally agree with Lush on this one, this is a great mask for any skin type.

As always, this is only available in Lush stores, not online, for $5.95.



  1. Hannah says

    I think this is the perfect mask for my skin! Thanks for doing these reviews Leesha!

  2. SarahSharkbait says

    Haha I totally know what you mean with the clumpy texture, I remember having a loooong seaweed strand hanging above my mouth. LOL.
    Funny times.
    I do recommend the Oatifix one, smells amazing, however I think its more for normal-dry types really.
    I have tried all of these facemasks and I just love them all <3

  3. tori says

    In the UK you can buy the masks online though i don’t know why, I need another lush trip I’m still searching for my perfect face mask although none of LUSH masks have had a bad reaction to my skin as of yet I’m still looking for the 1 that makes it feel amazing, a tall order for me lol Also I don’t know if US LUSH do this but here if u take in 3 empty containers you get a free face mask :D good times lol
    x tori x

  4. sam says

    love this mask :)

  5. Sam says

    This is my favorite FFM :)

  6. Becky Spencer says

    Lol it looks like spinach dip… Interesting though I love that it has honey in it!

  7. Kristina says

    You can buy them online in the UK b/c they are made on your side of the Globe … faster delivery time! I think I will be going with the Lettuce one when I return my pots… I need to go buy something else; I only have 4 pots!

  8. Kat says

    Anyone else see the smiley face in the picture of the face mask in the container? :)

  9. Angela says

    Austin has Lush?!? Where?? I’m so there. Thanks.

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