Love it!/Leave It! #1- Proactiv Refining Mask & Revlon Photoready Airbrush Makeup

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a great weekend :) Here is the first set of Love it/Leave it videos! I’m really excited about this series, I love short, to the point videos and these will be just that.

Love it! Proactiv Refining Mask

This mask is one of my favorite acne fighting masks, and I’ve tried a ton! It’s perfect for spot treatments, which is what I generally use it for- I just dab a bit on a blemish after washing my face before bed, and leave it on overnight and it really helps to speed up the healing process. I had mentioned in the video that one thing that bothers me is that the mask doesn’t really dry, that it stays tacky and to be aware of that if you wear it when sleeping, and got an awesome suggestion-

Loveitleaveit 1

GENIUS! Totally doing that next time :)



Leave It! Revlon Photoready Airbrush Makeup

I was SO excited for this foundation, it looked great when I tried it on my arm, and when I initially put it on my skin. I wore it out to the movies (we went to see The Artist.. definitely an interesting movie, although I had a bit of trouble fully paying attention to the whole thing since it is a silent film!) and right after that I went to the restroom and saw that the foundation had oxidized quite a bit darker on my skin, just a few hours after applying it. I never ever have issues with foundations oxidizing, so that really bummed me out about this foundation.


ps- the nail polish I have on is from the new zoya collections- base coat is Skylar and then the flakies are on top :) I’ll have a review up this week! :)



  1. Bronwyn says

    I need to ask who your glasses are by, I’m in love with them!

    1. Leesha says

      they are from, theyre the union square frames :)

  2. Erin says

    LOVE your glasses in the video. I second the “who are your glasses by?”.

    1. Leesha says, theyre the union square frames :)

  3. Deanna says

    okay, so I’m pretty sure you have hula hoops in your hallway, which makes you insanely awesome and my favorite person ever. and if you don’t, well then I’m just strange and you can ignore this comment.

    anyways! love you Leesha, I’ve been watching your tutorials for about three years now, and I’ve tried every one of them. (: stay beautiful!

    1. Leesha says

      you sure do see hoops! i havent been as diligent with using them by my bf loves them haha

  4. Denise says

    This totally bummed me out, I literally just bought the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Makeup :( I’ll give it a shot when I don’t have to go anywhere important and see what happens.. At least it wasn’t super expensive; won’t be too pissed if I have to toss it.

  5. Julie says

    I love your little “Love it, Leave It” dance/shoulder shrug! So adorable!

  6. Kristen says

    I am so glad I didn’t buy the Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Foundation because I was going to in the first place until you tweeted that it had oxidized on your face. I bought the Maybelline version of it and it hasn’t oxidized on my skin at all.

  7. Jess W. says

    1) your glasses are totally cute on you.
    2) I love the proactiv mask. I also have found if I “feel” or see a bump I think may turn into a breakout, I put a dab on the area and 98% of the time, keeps it from forming.
    3) so glad I saw the leave it. I was going to buy this and thought better of it til I saw YT reviews. Thanks for saving me that $$ :0)

  8. Emma says

    What a pity, I anted to try this foundation :/ Maybe if you tried shade Nude, lighter shade Vanilla would be a good match…

  9. Lexie says

    This is a great idea for new videos/posts! I look forward to more! (as i do all of your videos :) )

  10. Amanda E says

    I adore this love it/leave it section! It is extremely helpful. I also like that you focus on popular products (that I have actually heard of!). I saw the commercial for the Revlon airbrush foundation and was very tempted to try it- it looks so cool in the commercials. Now I know better!! Keep up the good work!

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