L’oreal Root Rescue Review & Giveaway

I’m going out of town tomorrow for two weeks, and to three places, and one of those places is business trip that includes me being filmed. I have been really busy with traveling and having friends & family visit for the past two weeks, so I haven’t had time to go get my roots touched up, and they were really in need of it! I decided to try out L’oreal Root Rescue, since this was kind of an emergency and I needed to at least have my part and hairline matching!




The set is really straight forward- you just pour the dye into the developer bottle, shake it, and apply the cool comb-like applicator, apply to roots, wait 10 minutes and rinse. I’m always worried about at-home lightening, but this was super easy and worked really well for a last minute fix!


lorealrootrescueThe applicator has a soft plastic comb-tooth top, so it makes it easy to get the color into each layer of your roots.


I was really impressed with the results. It wasn’t a spot-on match, but I didn’t expect it to be, since my hair is bleached quite a bit lighter than my natural color, but it made my root color much closer to my bleached hair color. I’d totally recommend this to anyone who’s dyed hair color is within a few shades of their dyed color!


Since the colors L’oreal supplied didn’t match my hair, I’m going to give them away to three of you! Leave a comment below with which color you’d like to try (out of Medium Blonde, Light Auburn, and Medium Brown), and I’ll pick a winner in 1 week. I’m out of town until the 22nd, so the prize will be shipped then. :) Make sure you put a valid email you check regularly in the email part of the comment form so I can contact you!

Good luck!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/chls122 Chls122

    medium brown please :D

  • Ashleyrpd

    Medium Brown! :)

  • Tara

    medium brown please!

  • http://leerel.tumblr.com/ Leere

    OMG ! Really love the LIGHT AUBURN. <3

  • Linh Nguyen

    medium brown for me please :) thank you

  • http://dangdane.tumblr.com dane

    meduim brown please :)

  • Shannon

    Light Auburn!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/harts137?feature=mhee Allison

    I’d love love love to try the auburn one! (:

  • Chrissie C

    Medium Brown please =D


    I’d like to try medium brown.

  • Edith M

    I’d like to try the medium brown please. Thank-you :)

  • paola

    light auburn!! :)

    • paola

      i mean the auburn lol its not light :)

      • paola

        oh wait it is! oops

  • deborah collazo

    medium brown 0.o

  • Nadeen

    medium brown #5 …. have fun on ur trip =)

  • Jennifer

    Medium Brown :D

  • Hayley

    Medium blonde! :)

  • Clarice

    Medium blonde :)

  • paula

    Light Auburn

  • melissa

    auburn pleaseee <3

  • pamela valencia

    I would like to try the medium brown #5, thanks!

  • Gabby

    Med. Blonde

  • Kymberlyn

    Medium Brown Please =)

  • julie

    med blonde

  • Sarah

    Med. Brown! :)

  • Kelsey

    Medium brown, please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/katietomes Kate Tomes

    Light Auburn pretty please! :)

  • Dina

    #8 medium blonde.
    that turned out great! i recently cut my hair short so i’ve been looking for something simple like this. Thanks for the review and giveaway :)

  • Caroline

    medium blonde please :)

  • http://tlc315@gmail.com TESSA

    i wouldn’t mind the Medium Brown =)

  • Thelma

    Medium Brown! :D <3

  • Kelly Smith

    Hi My Mum has this and she said it is very good

  • Anna C

    light auburn! :D

  • Maria Teresa

    medim brown! thanks=)

  • Becca

    the aurburn one! : ) xx

  • Vrudhdhi

    medium brown

  • xtracutekitty

    Light Auburn!! ^^

  • Jelena

    Medium blond :)

  • Dan.

    I’m always looking for cheaper ways to handle my roots. I haven’t been able to buy a drugstore box of hairdye and have it really work. My natural hair color is dark so I think thats why the color doesn’t penetrate into my hair? Not sure, maybe because Im also broke as a joke and only buy the ones that are under $5. I would like to win Light Auburn, cause thats the color my hair is now, after going to the salon and getting it dyed. PLEASEEEEEEEE &thanks.

  • dasom

    medium brown :)

  • Kiana M.P

    Medium brown :)

  • Sarah Colterman

    I would love to try the light auburn, 6R. Thanks :)

  • Ashley

    i would love to try the auburn one please!!

  • Christy

    Light auburn, por favor!!!!

  • Imanespa

    Medium Blonde please

  • Allison McCarthy

    medium brown please!

  • Jessica M

    Light auburn would match perfectly!

  • Monica

    medium brown, please!!!

  • Melissa J

    medium blonde #8 please!

  • MsMimiLove15

    Light Auburn please!! :)
    I dyed my hair that color & im loving it soo much, but i need a touch up!

  • Mary W

    Medium brown