L’oreal Root Rescue Review & Giveaway

I’m going out of town tomorrow for two weeks, and to three places, and one of those places is business trip that includes me being filmed. I have been really busy with traveling and having friends & family visit for the past two weeks, so I haven’t had time to go get my roots touched up, and they were really in need of it! I decided to try out L’oreal Root Rescue, since this was kind of an emergency and I needed to at least have my part and hairline matching!




The set is really straight forward- you just pour the dye into the developer bottle, shake it, and apply the cool comb-like applicator, apply to roots, wait 10 minutes and rinse. I’m always worried about at-home lightening, but this was super easy and worked really well for a last minute fix!


lorealrootrescueThe applicator has a soft plastic comb-tooth top, so it makes it easy to get the color into each layer of your roots.


I was really impressed with the results. It wasn’t a spot-on match, but I didn’t expect it to be, since my hair is bleached quite a bit lighter than my natural color, but it made my root color much closer to my bleached hair color. I’d totally recommend this to anyone who’s dyed hair color is within a few shades of their dyed color!


Since the colors L’oreal supplied didn’t match my hair, I’m going to give them away to three of you! Leave a comment below with which color you’d like to try (out of Medium Blonde, Light Auburn, and Medium Brown), and I’ll pick a winner in 1 week. I’m out of town until the 22nd, so the prize will be shipped then. :) Make sure you put a valid email you check regularly in the email part of the comment form so I can contact you!

Good luck!

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  • Ailish Rose

    Medium blonde please :)

  • Melani DAmico

    Medium blonde please! :)

  • nikki

    light auburn please :)

  • Denise Cruz

    Medium Blonde :) Please

  • http://youtube.com/deselvie2008 Deselvie2008

    Medium Brown

  • Megan

    Light auburn please(: this seems amazing, Ive always wanted to try it!

  • Ana

    light auburn

  • stephanie

    Medium blonde. please.
    Btw, it worked very well on your roots, like better than I’ve had professionally done in the past.

  • Amber

    I actually used L’oreal root rescue when my roots start to show.Works great for me :D.

    Meduim blonde please :P. btw cute hair 8D.

  • colleen

    medium brown plz!

  • berniicemaay

    Medium Brown please ! ^^

  • Jesse

    Medium Blonde please!

  • Leah

    Auburn please!

  • Caitlin

    medium brown :)

  • April A.

    Light Auburn please!

  • mandi

    i know this is outdated but i LOVE you and your BF together… i still go back to that vid and it still makes me laugh lol…. haha…. but about the hair stuff.. light auburn :)

    <3 mandi

  • hareem

    medium brown please :)

  • Patsy

    medium brown please! :)

  • Imogen

    Light auburn, my red hair always needs touch ups!

  • Miki

    Medium Brown =)

  • Lauren Ricciotti

    Meduim blonde would be amazing(:

  • Samantha

    Medium Brown Please :)

  • Madeleine-Joy

    I would like the Medium Blonde please and thank you :)

  • Serena

    Medium Blonde :D

  • Kim!!

    Medium Brown!! Thanks!
    I have always been curious about those!

  • Kelly

    Light Auburn! :3

  • Harriet

    Medium Blonde! :)

  • Jennica

    Medium brown (:

  • Megan

    If I win could I please have Medium Brown :)

  • Jenn Chu

    MED-BROWN please!!:) thanks:)))

  • Maria Nicandrou

    I’d love to win the medium blonde one for my mom :) <3

  • Fatima

    Medium brown please

  • Lisa

    medium brown please :D

  • Steph

    medium blond plese (=

  • Hannah

    Medium Brown! thanks so much for this opportunity:)

  • Cassie

    Light Auburn :)

  • Diana

    Medium Brown.

  • anniee

    light auburn please[;

  • lotsoflovemydear

    Light auburn or medium brown please :)

  • Mary

    Light Auburn!

  • Emily

    Medium brown please(: We dont get ones that nifty in the UK :(

  • Manet

    Medium blonde :))

  • jeanette

    i would really appreciate the auburn one please(: btw i love your videos and i love trying your make up tutorials

  • LilMissTrace

    Medium blonde please :)

  • Kaleigh

    Medium blonde please!

  • Michelle

    Medium Brown pleaaaaaaase :D

  • Sally

    light auburn please :)

  • Courtney

    Medium brown please :D

  • Randi

    Medium brown please :)

  • Jade

    Medium blond, pweas :) pretty lady!