April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Ailish Rose

    Medium blonde please :)

  • Melani DAmico

    Medium blonde please! :)

  • nikki

    light auburn please :)

  • Denise Cruz

    Medium Blonde :) Please

  • http://youtube.com/deselvie2008 Deselvie2008

    Medium Brown

  • Megan

    Light auburn please(: this seems amazing, Ive always wanted to try it!

  • Ana

    light auburn

  • stephanie

    Medium blonde. please.
    Btw, it worked very well on your roots, like better than I’ve had professionally done in the past.

  • Amber

    I actually used L’oreal root rescue when my roots start to show.Works great for me :D.

    Meduim blonde please :P. btw cute hair 8D.

  • colleen

    medium brown plz!

  • berniicemaay

    Medium Brown please ! ^^

  • Jesse

    Medium Blonde please!

  • Leah

    Auburn please!

  • Caitlin

    medium brown :)

  • April A.

    Light Auburn please!

  • mandi

    i know this is outdated but i LOVE you and your BF together… i still go back to that vid and it still makes me laugh lol…. haha…. but about the hair stuff.. light auburn :)

    <3 mandi

  • hareem

    medium brown please :)

  • Patsy

    medium brown please! :)

  • Imogen

    Light auburn, my red hair always needs touch ups!

  • Miki

    Medium Brown =)

  • Lauren Ricciotti

    Meduim blonde would be amazing(:

  • Samantha

    Medium Brown Please :)

  • Madeleine-Joy

    I would like the Medium Blonde please and thank you :)

  • Serena

    Medium Blonde :D

  • Kim!!

    Medium Brown!! Thanks!
    I have always been curious about those!

  • Kelly

    Light Auburn! :3

  • Harriet

    Medium Blonde! :)

  • Jennica

    Medium brown (:

  • Megan

    If I win could I please have Medium Brown :)

  • Jenn Chu

    MED-BROWN please!!:) thanks:)))

  • Maria Nicandrou

    I’d love to win the medium blonde one for my mom :) <3

  • Fatima

    Medium brown please

  • Lisa

    medium brown please :D

  • Steph

    medium blond plese (=

  • Hannah

    Medium Brown! thanks so much for this opportunity:)

  • Cassie

    Light Auburn :)

  • Diana

    Medium Brown.

  • anniee

    light auburn please[;

  • lotsoflovemydear

    Light auburn or medium brown please :)

  • Mary

    Light Auburn!

  • Emily

    Medium brown please(: We dont get ones that nifty in the UK :(

  • Manet

    Medium blonde :))

  • jeanette

    i would really appreciate the auburn one please(: btw i love your videos and i love trying your make up tutorials

  • LilMissTrace

    Medium blonde please :)

  • Kaleigh

    Medium blonde please!

  • Michelle

    Medium Brown pleaaaaaaase :D

  • Sally

    light auburn please :)

  • Courtney

    Medium brown please :D

  • Randi

    Medium brown please :)

  • Jade

    Medium blond, pweas :) pretty lady!