L’oreal Root Rescue Review & Giveaway

I’m going out of town tomorrow for two weeks, and to three places, and one of those places is business trip that includes me being filmed. I have been really busy with traveling and having friends & family visit for the past two weeks, so I haven’t had time to go get my roots touched up, and they were really in need of it! I decided to try out L’oreal Root Rescue, since this was kind of an emergency and I needed to at least have my part and hairline matching!




The set is really straight forward- you just pour the dye into the developer bottle, shake it, and apply the cool comb-like applicator, apply to roots, wait 10 minutes and rinse. I’m always worried about at-home lightening, but this was super easy and worked really well for a last minute fix!


lorealrootrescueThe applicator has a soft plastic comb-tooth top, so it makes it easy to get the color into each layer of your roots.


I was really impressed with the results. It wasn’t a spot-on match, but I didn’t expect it to be, since my hair is bleached quite a bit lighter than my natural color, but it made my root color much closer to my bleached hair color. I’d totally recommend this to anyone who’s dyed hair color is within a few shades of their dyed color!


Since the colors L’oreal supplied didn’t match my hair, I’m going to give them away to three of you! Leave a comment below with which color you’d like to try (out of Medium Blonde, Light Auburn, and Medium Brown), and I’ll pick a winner in 1 week. I’m out of town until the 22nd, so the prize will be shipped then. :) Make sure you put a valid email you check regularly in the email part of the comment form so I can contact you!

Good luck!

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  • http://youtube.com Alyssa


  • Kat

    I’d like to try the medium brown!

  • http://youtube.com/neonglittermess Lydia

    light auburn

    love you Leesha! <3

  • Haley

    Oh my goodness you are amazing Leesha! I’d LOVE to try the medium brown color!!

  • Halley

    I’d like to try the medium brown color. Love you Leesha!!!

  • Genna

    I always wanted to try the medium brown. :)

  • Jessie

    Light auburn :D

  • Kristie

    The Medium Brown one would be best for me! Thanks for the giveaway chances, Leesha!

  • Kim

    Dude Light Auburn all the way!! I’ve been searching for one foreverrr my roots are growing out and now my hair just looks silly :(

  • Abi

    hey leesha :) id like to try the medium blonde, thanks for doing this review im always skeptical of home dying kits for going lighter :) xx

  • http://piinmeup.tumbler.com Wladis

    My hair is too dark for any of these colors :(
    But for those who are interested, I did try out the light auburn once and the result was fab !!
    Anyways, still looking great Leesha :)
    Take care xxx

  • Jessica M.

    I think the light auburn is exactly the same color as my hair!

  • Carissa

    need rescue ! Dyed my hair reddish brown a couple of weeks ago.. in need of root touch up Leesha. The light auburn will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for doing this contest.

  • Irena

    I’d like to try Light Auburn ;)

  • Genna

    Medium brown thanks ily

  • Kynlee

    I would love the Medium Blonde. Love you<33

  • Csibi Bíborka

    Light Auburn. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • Montana

    Light Auburn! <3

  • Momo

    i would like to try light auburn :)

  • Kelsey

    Medium Brown, please!

    Thanks so much for the review — I’ve never tried root-only hair color before, but for years now my hair has been lighter on the top and faded to a darker, warmer brown as it goes down (I used to dye my hair with much darker colors than the ones I use now), so now I’m wondering if the solution might actually be as simple as just using something like this on the upper part! I had always just assumed that root touch-up kits like these didn’t work, but if you like them, they must be worth a shot. :]

  • http://www.youtube.com/TheShimmerBlanket Moeko

    Medium Brown

  • http://www.youtube.com/TheShimmerBlanket Moeko

    Medium Brown please!!

  • amber

    MEDIUM BROWN:))))))))

  • Alicia Ross

    I would love to try the medium brown. Thx leesha!!!

  • Olivia Ann

    I’d love the light auburn hehe :D

  • Elizabeth

    Medium blonde!
    Love the idea of these :)

  • Hasintha

    I would like to try medium brown

  • Sarah

    I’d love to try the light auburn! =)

  • http://www.KattRoseLovesBlogging.com Katt Rose

    I would loveee the medium blonde! I need to lighten my roots so my usual red dye will stick to them >,< haha

  • Emily B

    I would like to have the brown. My hair is in need of saving i died it 3-4 months ago and Im going back to school! Please help. I love your videos. <3

  • Charissa Lynn

    I’d love to try the medium blonde.
    I was just noticing my roots today, and thinking I should get them done.

  • http://www.247swim.com Holly

    Medium Blonde :)

  • Olivia

    Medium Blonde

  • Caitlyn

    Medium Blonde =)

  • Sandy

    medium brown. =)

  • Sarah

    I would want to try the medium brown.

  • http://twitter.com/stellarSha stellarSha

    Hi! I’ve managed to stay up all night and check, read, and view all of your site! Props & kudos! xx

    Would really love to try Medium Brown. This would be great since I’m always on the go! (:

  • Becca

    Light auburn!

  • audri

    The Medium Brown looks gorrrgeous

  • samarti2218

    I’d love to try the medium brown :o)


    medium brown thanks

  • http://youtube.com/xxxagidoidoi3 Meghan Elle

    I would SO love to try the Light Auburn! I just dyed my hair and it’s so expensive! Gosh, I haven’t done one of your giveaways in such a long time, and I really regret it! Ha ha.
    (>^ 3 ^)>

  • Nini PM

    i like the Light Auburn

  • Luz

    I would like the medium brown!

  • soni

    i would like to try the medium brown

  • CherryKarinaLove

    Hello from Russia! It would be so nice to win Medium Brown (#5)! *fingers crossed* =)

  • Vanessa

    Medium Blonde please <3

  • http://n/a Shelby Ashlynn

    Never use this?! It’s horrible for your hair!