Lorac GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette

Generally when I go into Ulta, I have a purpose. I know what I need, get it, and get out. That is, of course, unless I have one of their 20% off everything golden tickets they mail out a couple times a year, then I tend to go a little batshit crazy.. This was neither one of those circumstances, this was a “I haven’t shopped in at least a month and I need some retail therapy” moment.

I was just wandering through Ulta when I walked over to the Lorac area and saw this baby. This is what I call an insta-buy. It’s the freaking perfect eye palette. There’s bright, gorgeous blues (some may say a few too many, but PSHHH to them! these blues SPEAK to me!) a ridiculous peach, and a good handful of neutrals to balance it all out. Theres highlight shades and crease colors and pops of color. On top of that, the shadows are like BUUTTAAAH. So damn smooth and so damn pigmented. The palette is sleek, has a great mirror, and doesn’t have any extra bullshit packaging that you don’t care about. Oh, did I forget to mention it was only TWENTY DOLLARS?! FOR TEN EYESHADOWS?! Ten beautifully bright and lovely and pigmented eyeshadows? I am so excited about this palette, it screams summer. You need it.

Check out photos and swatches below, and definitely keep an eye out for some FOTD posts starring this palette!


Loracglogetter 14Loracglogetter 13Loracglogetter 12Loracglogetter 11Loracglogetter 5Loracglogetter 10Loracglogetter 4Loracglogetter 9Loracglogetter 3Loracglogetter 8Loracglogetter 2Loracglogetter 7Loracglogetter 6Loracglogetter 1


Available for $20 from Ulta.


  1. jess says

    very pretty but not much of a lorac fan

  2. BooBooNinja says

    Pretty colours? check. Compact packaging? check. Smooth and pigmented shadows? check.
    I’m curious!

  3. Candi A. says

    I wasn’t going to get it becuase I’m on a no buy, but dang that looks beautiful!

  4. Pat Taveras says

    dammed it all, i just made a promise not to buy anything for a month!!!!

  5. Danielle says

    I really want to pick this up! And you just reminded me of the 20% coupon I got in the mail yesterday!
    – Danielle

  6. stream27 says

    Ohhh only 20$ and those blues are lovely. Depending on the markup, I may have to grab one off ebay or something. We don’t have Ulta in Canada and their site doesn’t ship here :(

  7. Flavia Signori de Lima says

    I’m in love with this palette and I want one, but… is this only sold at Ulta? ‘Cause unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada :(

  8. fran says

    Bummer….when I went to get it said no coupons allowed….what??? Anyway, I still love it!!!!! Used it the last 3 days and am in LOVE!!

    1. xsparkage says

      yeah ulta tricks you with some of their coupons, they dont work on high end stuff! :(

  9. AniBEE says

    I did not just see this…. I DID NOT JUST SEE THIS, ARG!!! It’s not working!

    But really these are my shades period but being an Ulta exclusive mean I’m not going to be able to get it. lol

  10. emmely says

    i want this and i need it!!!!!!

  11. WhimsyLea87 says

    Please, please, please do a YouTube tutorial for this!!!! I would love to see what you come up with!!!

  12. Lena Sunnokrot says

    This palette is gorgeous! Love the color payoff!

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