Lit Cosmetics NEW Holographic Glitters

Glitter and Holographic are two words that make me really, really excited. When they’re combined? How can you go wrong?? LIT has released six new glitter shades that have a holographic quality to them. 

These glitters are a medium sized glitter, which makes the holo properties more noticeable. If the glitter was smaller, you wouldn’t see it as much. You can definitely see the holo aspect in these, especially when the glitters are applied and hit the light at different angles! I really love LIT glitter and get really excited when they expand their line. I always have a nice “glitter experience” so to speak with their glitters, and by that I mean they apply nicely, don’t feel gritty on my eyelid, and stay put for a long time. I also love the packaging, as it is stackable, so its easy to keep things organized if you don’t like individual glitters all over your makeup drawer :)

Litholographic 7Litholographic 1 Rich & FamousLitholos 1 Rich and FamousLitholographic 4 HeartbreakerLitholos 5 HeartbreakerLitholographic 5 SuperflyLitholos 2 SuperflyLitholographic 2 GlittergasmLitholos 4 GlittergasmLitholographic 3 Bar StarLitholos 3 Bar StarLitholographic 6 Disco DivaLitholos 6 Disco Diva

All of the swatches here were applied with LIT Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, which I’ve found is the easiest way to apply glitter. You just dip your brush into the liquid, then dip it into the glitter, and apply like you would use watercolors. This really helps the glitter to apply smoothly and gives you the least amount of glitter fallout possible (always a plus!) 

Unfortunately glitter swatches are not the easiest thing to photograph, especially with a macro lens, as the camera likes to focus on the individual particles instead of how they look shimmering together. You can see some aspects of the shine and holographic awesomeness in these, but in real life its so much better! I’m really excited to use these in upcoming looks. In fact, I think I may use some today, as I’m going to see Justin Timberlake tonight. Might do something with Superfly, as it has the most holographic badassery going on :) I’ll keep you guys posted!!


Available for $13 each from LIT Cosmetics and Beautylish



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  1. koukou says

    what size cut are these?

    1. xsparkage says

      Glittergasm, Rich & Famous, and Superfly are Size2, Bar Stool, Disco Diva, and Heartbreaker are Size 3. Honestly though when I look at them they look pretty close to the same size

    2. koukou says

      any idea where to buy rich and famous? I was able to find all the others on beautylish, but not that one. Lit doesn’t seem to have any of them? links would be amazing :)

      1. xsparkage says

        honestly the only place right now that I know of that is selling them is Beautylish. I’m not sure why they don’t have Rich & Famous, but I was only sent the glitters and not told any more information. I’ll see what I can find out :)

  2. Erin says

    I’m so glad to see you talk about these, I just noticed them on Beautylish last night and was very excited. Would love to see them on your eyes!

  3. fancie says

    These glitters are so gorgeous! I love the holographic effect!

  4. Lupe says

    so pretty! Can’t wait to see some looks! :)

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