Lit Cosmetics Glitters: Kiss, Carrot Head, Liberache, Mary Jane, Elton Jon, Roxy Rolla

Hi Guys!!

Long time no talk! I’ve had a busy past week- went to LA and Las Vegas with some friends, and just got back from a trip to Minneapolis with Sigma :) Fun things to come! I haven’t had internet for the past few days and was nonstop busy before that, so apologize for putting the blog on hold!


Here are some swatches of some of the glitters I got from Lit Cosmetics in Vancouver! Their packaging allows for stacking, so I made my own Rainbow themed stack with some of the colors I got :) I love their glitter, both names and colors, and I love love love their glitter adhesive! Here are six of the glitters I have- all are size #2 except Kiss, the red, which is size #3. I really like size 2 best, as its not too big and when used with the glitter adhesive it applies just like a wet pigment does, and there won’t be many gaps between glitter particles at all.



You can see from the swatches above how much larger the glitter particles are for Kiss, which is the #3 size, in comparison to the rest of the colors which have #2 size glitters. This isn’t to say that #3 size is bad, it’s just a bit more difficult to work with, but not too difficult at all. Our of the swatches shown, I think Elton Jon, the blue, is my favorite. I also love Liberachi, as I don’t own a true yellow glitter yet- just neons or more honey-toned shades. These look amazing on, and I can’t wait to play with them more and create some tutorials with them!




  1. gabby says

    Roxy Rolla looks AMAZING! I love all things glittery :)

  2. Rachel Chiariello says

    Gorgeous!! And amazingly named!

  3. Kissy says

    OMG!!! Pretty colors!!!! Is it best to use them wet for less fall out?

  4. Abby says

    LOVE! and btw on the title you put carrot top when the jar says carrot head =)

  5. kim says

    These are absolutely amazingly pretty… I need them all!! lol

  6. evo says

    did they have their own booth? i must’ve missed them at imats!

  7. Jaika says

    wow those are truly beautiful!

  8. jessika says

    Totally just went blind! My lord they are so bright and pretty! Amazing! Love to hear how they compare to other glittler on the market

  9. Marta says

    the blue one is my favourite too, such a pretty glitter! x

  10. Atina says

    Would it be possible for you swatch some of the more “natural” colors please? Like the beach baby tutorial. Thanks for the consideration ;-)

  11. Joanna says

    I love the carrot head and liberache.

  12. Stephanie says

    I LOVE the green one. So pretty!

  13. Jennifer says

    Elton Jon and Mary Jane look absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m not usually one to wear glittery make up quite like that, but it is beautiful!

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  14. Samarium says

    Love these! do you think these would work for nail polish frankens?

  15. milyn says

    I am so looking forward to getting some of these. Have you tried their shimmer or electric shadows? I really want to see how they glow under black light, like their website says. They sound like fun!

  16. Sammie says


  17. Isobel White says


  18. James Perks says

    Wow, once again you do take amazing photos of products, we are really blown away by just how well you can capture the glitter colors. Hats off to Xsparkage;)

  19. Susan says

    What glitter adhesive do you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Susan says

      Never mind, I just searched your site and came across your Candy Cane eyeshadow tutorial! Liquid Sugar, will check it out!

  20. Lisa says

    These look gorgeous but the Lit Cosmetics website is appalling! It just doesn’t work properly! The company seriously needs to overhaul the site because they just lost out on a sale because i’m too tired to keep trying to work it haha.

  21. Autumn Angel says

    I must be on crack because I’m seriously about to go blow $100 on glitter….


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